Top Six Best-Selling Wholesale Sunglasses of 2023

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When you’re thinking about adding accessories to your shelves - such as sunglasses - it can be overwhelming. There is a seemingly endless supply of styles and colors to choose from. How can you know which ones will definitely sell?

Don’t panic - Apparel Candy is here to help.

We’re sharing our top six best-selling wholesale sunglasses. The ones businesses have bought and seen customers rave about.

Let’s take a look!

1. Flat Top Aviators

Our Flat Top Aviators are, without a doubt, a top seller.

These trendy shades are a fan favorite thanks to their unique geometrical shape and fashionable ombre coloring.

Women will love the different colors to choose from, including exciting white, pink, and purple combos and more laidback brown combinations.

2. Rimless Fashion Sunglasses

Sure, you can’t go wrong with flat-top aviators. But why stop there?

If you want to surprise your shoppers with a new and intriguing look, consider adding these Rimless Fashion Sunglasses to your lineup.

These shades have an aviator style, yet they’re entirely rimless - offering a unique shape you won’t find elsewhere. The metal accents are just a perk!

3. Sharp Cat-Eye Shades

Not all of your customers are keen on aviators.

For the shoppers looking for something more edgy - yet still 100% fashion-forward - these Cat-Eye Sunglasses are a must.

These sunglasses feature ultra-sharp lines that are sure to wow any cat-eye enthusiast. Available in solid colors and exotic leopard print, your customers will have zero problems finding their ideal sunglasses.

4. Octagonal Shades

Step aside, circular sunglasses - it’s time for Octagonal Shades to be the star of the show.

These octagonal shades are nothing short of fascinating. They have an intriguing octagon shape that breaks outside the “norm.”

Aside from that, they also feature fun and spunky ombre mixes that are light and cheery.

All in all, any customer looking for something new and cool will love these sunglasses.

5. Chunky Shades

To put it simply, you can’t go wrong with iconic 90’s era Chunky Shades.

Our chunky shades come in various colors to meet the needs of your clientele.

From traditional and slick black to see-through pastel pink, we’ve got you covered.

6. Hexagon Chunky Shades

We can’t forget about your male shoppers!

To ensure you’re catering to your male visitors, add these Hexagon Chunky Shades to your lineup.

These sunglasses have a more masculine approach that men appreciate. They come in a wide range of colors, from black to red and beyond.

Apparel Candy Best-Sellers Are a Must For Your Business!

Needless to say, these best-selling wholesale fashion sunglasses are exactly what your business needs to thrive in the “accessory department.” Add one or add them all - your customers will thank you!

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