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Our Wholesale Women's Perfume Collection

Welcome to Apparel Candys perfume section! We carry a wide array of replica designer perfumes that smell just as fabulous as the originals. Our below-wholesale prices are the best on the web, allowing you to stock up on everything your business requires without paying too much! We offer the best wholesale clothing, wholesale accessories, wholesale cosmetics, perfumes. We offer the quality products you need for the prices you want. Check out our extensive wholesale perfume selection below; note we ship perfumes with Fedex Ground only due to regulations.
Why should I Sell Women's Perfumes at my store?

A signature scent is just as/if not more important than trendy sunglasses or your favorite shoe. The reason being that how you smell when you enter a room or give a loved one a hug will linger wherever you go. Our sense of smell is one of our strongest senses, and for the fashion inclined, is the final step in a getting ready routine. Like the final note of a song, perfumes are the icing on a delicately crafted cake. Like our favorite eye wear and novelty accessories, having the right scent for the seasons is extremely important. Fruity and floral scents make up a majority of spring and summer fragrances, whilst neutral oak and vanilla based scents fare the best in fall and winter months.

What kind of perfumes should I purchase for my store?

When planning inventory for perfumes, the more variety the better. This all depends of course on your customers and their shopping habits, but most will have a scent in mind and be interested in trying those that are within that same family. Whether it be sweet and floral to spicy and musky, you’ll want to keep a range of each. This is also important in planning if you buy according to the seasons. Most customers will be looking for the light and aquatic hints in the warmer months, so making sure they are in stock at the start of spring is imperative to customer loyalty and support. Knowing that you will have what they need when they need it. The same can be said for the fall and winter months, stocking up on the more musky and vanilla scents, outdoorsy if you will, will set you up for success when customers come in looking for their personal scent for the new year.

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