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Why should I Sell Reading Glasses at my store?

Two words: technology and bluelight.


It should go without saying that if you have a business where you sell accessories and sunglasses, you should also keep reading glasses on hand. Not only are they incredibly in demand by customers of all ages, but with the constant usage of smartphones, will only continue to grow by necessity. With that also comes with the fact that most people buy reading glasses from their local drug stores whose selections are boring and have maybe 3 color options: black, brown, tortoise. Keeping a modest inventory that you put on display will let customers know you are a great option, but by keeping a fashionable inventory, know you’re the go to for cute and functional. Sure a pair of black reading glasses are fine, but why settle when you could give your customers some of the many options like animal prints and multicolored frames that we at Apparel Candy offer.


Who are the best customers for reading glasses?

We’re so glad you asked...everyone. 


Whether they know it or not, everyone needs reading glasses. Almost everyone who will be shopping at your store either works on a computer or uses one enough that it has started to affect their eyesight.  Not just computers, this includes tablets, ipads, and smartphones.They may not know it now, but it would be smart to even put out a little sign about wearing reading glasses when using computers and how they can deter eye deterioration. Sure it might be a little more serious than bringing attention to the color options, but it’s something that healthy and educated people will be drawn to. Not just waiting until it’s too late, but buy reading glasses to protect them from the inevitable. You can always do both, make cute little play on words matching the colors to a certain device. Pink for your iphone. Cheetah for your work computer. The possibilities are endless!


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