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Welcome to Apparel Candys wholesale fashion sunglasses section! This and all of our other wholesale sunglasses sections are stocked with only the chicest and trendiest eyewear, guaranteeing you'll find exactly what your business needs. Our inventory of forever-in-stock wholesale clothing and wholesale accessories allows you to make smart choices, and pick and choose for the right price. Since new pieces are always coming in, you can be sure you're viewing the latest options!

What sunglasses are considered to be fashionable?

At Apparel Candy our fashion sunglasses are defined by the current seasons trends that you’ll see on your favorite celebrities and influencers. Staying up on trends mean staying plugged into where they are making waves, from social media to our favorite street style photographers. If you see specific designs and colors there, it’s safe to assume we’ll have our own offerings to blow your customers away. Never afraid of the “new” thing, many of our fashion glasses are those you won’t see anywhere else as we pride ourselves as contributing to trend setters and early adopters in the fashion scene.

Who are some customers that purchase fashion sunglasses?

Fashion sunglasses are for your customers who care about fashion and what it means to be a fashionable person. Following trends and having the hottest pieces are a great start, but fashionistas know how to make those pieces their own. Making a statement with sunglasses is an extension of the wearers personality, allowing them to stand out and make a statement with everything they wear. Never missing an opportunity to show confidence through dressing and accessorizing, fashion sunglasses that tend to skew towards more distinct and unique designs and color combinations are the perfect accessory to show off that internal light.

What seasons can I sell fashion sunglasses for?

Fashion sunglasses are to be worn all 365 days a year, so you’ll want to keep them stocked all year long as well. Like clothes, certain fashion sunglasses are reserved for a certain season, so we suggest having your inventory follow this pattern as well. Your customers will be looking for bright and bold colors during the spring and summer months. With neon and translucent glasses being huge contenders in the summer 2019 trend watch. While the fall and winter months see a turn towards dark and neutral colors. A classic oversized black cat eye does wonders to a day filled with fall foliage or winter snow flurries.

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