The Latest Must-Have Accessory of 2023, Fun-shaped Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are an essential piece of any outfit - especially during the summertime when the sun’s rays are blazing.

If you’re looking to entice your customer base and offer them some exciting new options, Apparel Candy can help. Our wholesale sunglasses are available in cool, unique shapes that are guaranteed to wow your clients.

Here are our top three fashionable sunglasses to add to your collection:

1. Heart

If there is one shape every woman loves, it’s hearts.

With that said, it’s clear to see why heart-shaped sunglasses ranked in our top three list and we have a wide range of heart-shaped wholesale sunglasses to choose from.

These charming heart-shaped shades come in a range of neon colors that are totally summer-vibes.

We also have these stunning diamond-coated heart-shaped shades that feature gleaming diamond-like stones framing the lenses. These are undeniably stunner shades that plenty of customers will fall in love with.

2. Cloud

Cloud-shaped sunglasses? Yup, you read that correctly.

We offer the most adorable cloud-shaped sunglasses you’ve ever seen. They’re quirky, cool, and 100% catered to customers that want to show off something new in 2023.

Available in purple, red, green, and blue, these cloud-shaped cuties are bound to fly off the shelves.

3. Star

Who doesn’t want to feel like a star?

If you want to wow your customer base with a pair of shades they’ve likely never seen before, consider adding our wholesale star-shaped shades to your lineup.

These cool shades have a colorful, vintage appeal that is sure to cater to a massive number of clients.

4. Smiley Face

Last but not least, we couldn’t finish this article without mentioning our too-cool smiley face shades.

Featuring an adorable smiley face on the lens, these are the ultimate trendsetters for 2023. Add these shades to your sunglasses collection, and you won’t regret it.

Step Out of the Box with Our Fashionable Shaped Shades!

It’s time to breakthrough from the norm and do something different. Are you on board? Then consider adding our fun-shaped collection of wholesale fashion sunglasses to your retail shop. Your customers will greatly appreciate it! For further information or to peruse and shop our wholesale collections please visit

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