The Top 4 Travel Size Colognes that Every Male Customer Will Reach For

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Many business owners know that having cologne in their shops is an essential element. It’s the perfect way for a man to put together his outfit - to not only look good but to smell good, too.

But if you’re only adding full-sized wholesale cologne to your shelves, you might be missing out on a big market - travel-size colognes!

Travel-size colognes allow men to take their favorite scents on the go. So, whether they’re finishing up at the gym or preparing for a night out with that special someone, they can layer on the sexy scent on the go.

Here are the top travel-sized wholesale cologne options from Apparel Candy you won’t want to miss:

Dark Black

“Dark Black” can easily be described as a symphony of scents that will entice the nose. With a combination of vibrant tones like lemon verbena, basil, mint, bergamot, and leather, it’s an idyllic blend of cozy and rich. Needless to say, “Dark Black” is an undeniably masculine fragrance that is sure to fly off the shelves.

Pro tip: Consider selling “Dark Black” during the chillier months when men seek a warming and comforting cologne!



On the other side of the spectrum, we have “777.” This unique fragrance blends exciting mandarin and grapefruit with ironwoods and sandalwood, creating a truly one-of-a-kind experience that all men can appreciate.

Bright idea: Sell “777” during warmer seasons, as the mandarin and grapefruit will easily pair with sunshine and tank tops.



Every king needs his queen. He also needs a top-notch cologne to see him through his day-to-day activities.

And that’s where you come in.

Selling King-D in your shop means you’re almost guaranteeing an increase in sales.

After all, no man can resist the energizing combination of musk, ambergris, basil, citrus, and peppermint. Although it is a complex blend of flavor notes, the result is something truly remarkable.

Super Army

Super Army

Finally, we have our “Super Army” cologne for men.

Why should this delightful cologne be added to your line-up?

With an intoxicating combination of citrus, lavender, black pepper, and woodsy notes, this cologne is as powerful as it is refreshing and rich.

This is the ideal cologne for male shoppers who want to find something bold yet not over the top.

When it comes to travel-sized wholesale cologne for men, Apparel Candy is your ultimate go-to. We have a wide collection of fragrances to choose from, ensuring you can easily cater to all of your clientele.

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