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Our Wholesale Children's Sunglasses Collection

Welcome to Apparel Candys wholesale children's sunglasses section! In addition to wholesale clothing, we offer a variety of wholesale sunglasses to choose from, including those made especially for children, tweens and teens. We're constantly updating our inventory, so you'll always enjoy trendy, fresh selections when you shop with us. Our below-wholesale prices are the best on the web, and our customer service unparalleled! Check out our children's wholesale sunglasses and enjoy creating a varied inventory

Apparel Candy provides the highest quality wholesale children's sunglasses, offering selections in all shapes, colors and sizes. Top styles include aviators, butterfly, oval and semi-rimless. See below for our wholesale children's sunglasses collection and bring in all of the top styles.


Do children really wear sunglasses?


Sunglasses have no age limit, so as a supplier you should be providing top quality  options of sunglasses for all ages. Especially given the current state of conversations regarding sun exposure at a young age, you should expect your customers to be looking for UV protection for their young ones. In fact, kids love to pick our their own sunglasses, so it’s no surprise to see kids being stopped in their tracks by an eye catching display if that’s something you choose to provide in stores. Children’s sunglasses are also a great idea for gifts, party favors, silent auctions, and more. What’s great with children’s sunglasses is that they come in a variety of fun colors and designs with characters, symbols, and different styles.


Which children's sunglasses should we order?


We have a vast variety of childrens sunglasses to ensure our clients can invest in the most options for their shoppers. Apparel Candy suggests you buy multiple color and style options for childrens sunglasses as there is no shortage in options. Children’s sunglasses are meant to be fun and for kids, so don’t be afraid to invest in neon colors, colored lenses, animal prints, and glitter. We suggest buying these fun and colorful glasses as well as neutral colors and classic  styles to ensure customers can invest in a variety of styles themselves. Just as we provide our direct customers with variety, you want to do the same with your customers, whether they be new or repeat buyers. As children’s sunglasses are still largely ignored by fashion buyers, you’ll be a hub for your local customers if you’re a brick and mortar establishment, or a top seller via your website.


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