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One of the best accessories you can offer as a business owner are sunglasses. Sunglasses are always on trend and make the perfect complement to every outfit, regardless of the season.

Many shoppers will ask “Which pair of sunglasses are best suited for my face shape?” Knowing the answer can be the difference between making a sale and gaining a lasting customer or the opposite.

Help your shoppers buy the right sunglasses for their face shape by sharing this information!

Round = Angles

Round faces are going to work well with angular sunglasses. The added sharpness will tame the circular shape while also elongating the face; it’s the perfect combination. Luckily, we have a wide range of wholesale fashion sunglasses for your round-faced customers, such as these.

Square = Circular

Those with square-shaped faces should seek out round sunglasses; the more circular, the better. The softness of the circle will help to cut down on the edginess of square faces, creating a softer overall appearance. Customers will adore these classic round sunglasses, although these pearl-accented beauties are bound to be a winner, too.

Heart = Rounded Edges

Heart shapes are lovely, but they’re a little mismatched. To help create a more balanced appearance, heart-shaped individuals should consider buying shades with rounded edges - but not those with circular lenses. Polarized lenses and aviator sunglasses are the top two picks, and Apparel Candy has both!

Oval = All

If a customer walks in with an oval-shaped face, they’ll have the option of choosing any type of sunglasses from your boutique. Hence, oval-shaped have the “ideal” shape for shades. The possibilities are endless, from cool aviators to snazzy cat eyes.

Cater to All Face Shapes!

At Apparel Candy, we have an infinite number of wholesale sunglasses to choose from, ensuring all visitors can find something that complements their face shape. For further information or to peruse and shop our online store please visit or for any inquiries please contact Apparel Candy at 877. 870.8686.

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