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Are you on the fence about adding fragrances to your inventory? Then you need to know precisely why a fragrance lineup is essential to your store - and this article is here to help.

Below, you will discover the top four reasons you need to purchase wholesale fragrances and add them to your shelves today.

1.Fragrances Are an Extension of Style

If you have a store that sells clothing, you’ll be doing yourself a major disservice by not offering fragrances. Fragrances are an extension of one’s style. For example, our Man Cool cologne is the perfect addition to the sultry gentleman on date night, while the CUP Aqua is more whimsical and laidback - the ideal pick for a afternoon with the fellas.

2.Fragrances Are Always in Style

Trends? Well, they come and go. Fashion is always changing. But one item that is timeless is fragrances. So, by adding fragrances to your store, you’ll never have to worry about lack of sales.

3.New Fragrances Pique Shopper’s Interest

Nobody can resist a new fragrance! Hence, regularly offering “new” fragrances in your store will pique shopper’s interest, which will in return increase your customer base. Just make sure you’re continuously stocking up on our latest selection of wholesale perfumes and colognes to keep up with the demand!

4. More Sales

The more products you offer, the more sales you make - it’s simple math. So, broaden your shop’s selection by adding wholesale fragrances to the lineup. Customers will appreciate having a comprehensive shopping experience.

Optimize Your Inventory Today!

Needless to say, adding wholesale fragrances to your shop is an excellent idea - and is your one-stop shop for fragrances for men and women, along with other fashion items like wholesale sunglasses, handbags and more. We have a wide selection of perfumes and colognes to suit everyone’s unique style and flair. To peruse and shop our online store please visit or contact Apparel Candy at (877) 870 – 8686 with any questions.

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