Top Five Oversized Wholesale Sunglasses

Top Five Oversized <em>Wholesale Sunglasses</em>
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Everyone knows that larger-than-life people need a pair of sunglasses to match their personality, and the best way to do it is by offering these clients with oversized sunglasses.

ApparelCandy offers a wide range of wholesale sunglasses to suit your needs, including trendy oversized options. You’re sure to find exactly what you need within our vast collection of oversized wholesale sunglasses.

Need some help deciding which ones to add to your inventory? Then check out our top five picks of the best-oversized fashion sunglasses that are sure to sell.

Oversized Aviators

Aviator sunglasses never go out of style. Offering this look in your shop will surely be a hit, whether it’s 2023, 2025, or 2050! The best part about these aviators is that they’re unisex. Available in orange, blue, and aquamarine, these are undeniably trendsetting shades you’ll want to sell.

Flat Top Aviators

Another big trend hitting the airways is flat tops, and we aren’t talking about hair (although the flat top haircut is also resurging!). These flat-top aviators are designed with “cool” in mind. They’re oversized with funky ombre tints and a unique geometric shape that will undoubtedly be head-turning. Plenty of customers are going to be reaching for these ultimately cool shades.

Oversized Ovals

Not all customers are looking for aviators (although you can rest assured you’ll have plenty of buyers). For those who prefer something a little more feminine and fashionable, these oversized oval shades are a perfect choice. These look-at-me ovals featuring solid or animal print rims, are a must-have accessory for the divas of the world.

Jeweled Ovals

For your clients who are all about that sparkle, you’ll need these jeweled wholesale sunglasses! They’re undeniably chic, riddled with bedazzling accents that glisten and “wow” in the sunlight. Your customers won’t be able to take their eyes off these fabulous, oversized sunglasses!

Flashback Circles

You may have noticed that some customers like to kick it old school. For these flashback fashionistas, it’s essential to have some 70s circular shades on deck. But don’t settle for the “norm.” Line your shelves with these awesome oversized circular frames with metal detailing to really impress your guests.

So Many Great Oversized Wholesale Sunglasses to Choose From!

If you’re a fashion retailer who is looking to optimize your current selection of sunglasses to cater to the latest trends, our oversized wholesale fashion sunglasses will get the job done. Apparel Candy has everything you need to line your shelves with latest fashion From top to bottom, quite literally, we’ve got you covered! To peruse and shop from our online store please visit or contact us at 877.870.8686 with any questions!

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