Winter Perfume and Cologne Lineup for 2022

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While you likely have an extensive winter wardrobe for shoppers to sift through, you don’t want to forget to add charming colognes and dashing perfumes to complete their purchase.

But which perfumes and colognes should align your shop’s shelves? We’ve got you covered.

Below is our lineup of the top wholesale perfumes and colognes that scream “winter wonderland.”

1. Bros Obscure (Men)

For men seeking a white-hot cologne that surely won’t disappoint this winter, look no further than “Bros Obscure” - an enchanting cologne inspired by “Bottled Night” by Hugo Boss.

This majestic cologne features pops of aromatic lavender and deeply wooded birch-lead cardamom, creating a well-balanced and enticing fragrance that will practically cast a spell over anyone who smells it.

Add this cologne to your lineup, and you’re almost guaranteed to make a sale.

2. Versatile Blue (Men)

Who said that winter colognes couldn’t have hints of refreshing citrus? For buyers looking for remnants of summer to see them through the winter months, “Versatile Blue” is the only option.

This unique cologne replicates “Versace Dylan Blue” by Versace for Men. It blends thrilling scents, including fierce bergamot, rejuvenating grapefruit, fig and violet leaves, and papyrus to seal it together.

3. Catch Me

No snowball fight is complete without an exciting fragrance, and “Catch Me” has all the thrills to win the game. Catch Me is a beautiful inspiration from “Coach Signature” by Coach for Women.

The perfume has subtle hints of citruses paired with creamy woods and musk, creating a genuinely breathtaking aroma. The perfect combination of summery and winter vibes, Catch Me can easily go from September 1st to May 1st without skipping a beat.

4. Challenge

For shoppers who have romance on their mind this holiday season, help them to captivate their significant other by offering “Challenge” in your shop.

“Challenge” is one of our favorite wholesale perfumes for the brisk winter season. It combines a lush rose with intoxicating jasmine and white musk, creating a cozy and inviting smell perfect for blustery, snowy nights.

You Can’t Go Wrong With These Wholesale Perfumes and Colognes!

When it comes to being the one-stop place to shop for all winter items, you need to have perfumes and colognes to appease your customers - and these four perfumes and colognes do the trick. Shoppers are going to love snuggling up with these scents gracing their skin! Apparel Candy has everything you need to line your shelves quite literally from top to bottom, we’ve got you covered! To peruse and shop from our online store please visit or contact us at 877.870.8686 with any questions!

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