Hearts From Head to Toe: Heart-Inspired Pieces for Your Store

Hearts From Head to Toe: Heart-Inspired Pieces for Your Store
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If there is one motif that never goes out of style, it’s hearts!

Here at Apparel Candy, we have a vast inventory of heart items that will be best sellers. But today, we’re highlighting our top four must-haves that we feel will capture the attention and “hearts” of your customers.

Heart Earrings

There is something so adorable about heart earrings - and we think everyone, including your clientele, will agree.

We especially adore these bright and sparkly red heart earrings. The color is fantastic and eye-catching, making it a standout feature in your shop. Not only that but the razzle-dazzle is designed to entice.

We have these earrings in other shades, too, including black and pink.

Heart Shades

Apparel Candy is known for being the go-to for the latest wholesale apparel and accessories, especially wholesale fashion sunglasses.

We are particularly fond of these heart-shaped sunglasses featuring some bling-bling across the top. For customers that don’t like anything that lavish, we have these heart-shaped, rimless sunglasses on deck, too. These sunglasses with a bold, oversized frame will also be a hit!

Heart Purses

Purses are an important accessory, and having heart-shaped purses is a great way to make a statement. Like our wholesale sunglasses, we have tons of gorgeous purses in our lineup.

If you’re looking specifically for heart-shaped options, we love this bright red choice and sparkly choice. The first will cater to clients looking for a “traditional” choice, while the latter is ideal for date nights or other events where sparkles matter most.

Heart Apparel

This adorable waffle top has charming heart motifs that plenty of customers will love. And for customers who like to be a bit more dressy, these lovely and very fashionable stockings will do the trick.

Let Your Customers Fall in “Love” With Heart-Inspired Items Today!

Simply put, you can’t go wrong with heart-themed items in your inventory. Whether you add lovely earrings, cute shades, or other items like purses and apparel, you can rest assured your clientele will be happy!

To peruse and shop from our wholesale online store please visit www.ApparelCandy.com or contact us at 877.870.8686 with any questions! We offer zero interest installment plans along with free shipping in the US for all orders over $299.

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