2024 Hot Color Trends Combining Cool Shades with Trending Summer Hues

2024 Hot Color Trends Combining Cool Shades with Trending Summer Hues
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When it comes to stocking your business, you need to pay attention to the top trending items and colors. But why not combine the two? By doubling up on the latest trends, you can entice your audience even further, leading to a surprising - yet very welcoming - number of sales. 

One great way is to feature the top trending colors for summer 2024 - and Apparel Candy offers the top wholesale sunglasses for your line up.


Purple has become more of a neutral color meaning it blends in beautifully with almost any color especially when it comes to sunglasses. Not only does brighten the face but it also adds that pop of color people like to adorn; especially during summer!   

These  fashionable sunglasses in a beautiful purple hue are guaranteed to attract the masses. 

(As a perk, they come in other summer-friendly colors, including white and rose gold)


It’s not every day you see green as a trending color. Well, the times are changing, folks, and adding green wholesale fashion sunglasses to your inventory is essential.

 We love these shades that feature an incredibly unique physique that is sure to capture shoppers' attention. While the structure is enough to pull in sales, customers will love the deep green hue that’s undeniably rich. 

(These wholesale sunglasses also come in other fan favorites like white and hot pink!)

Light Blue

Another shade that might surprise you is baby blue! That’s right - it’s all about baby blue accessories and apparel for 2024. It goes without saying that offering light blue sunglasses is a smart move. 

To satisfy your customer’s light blue craving, we highly recommend these polarized numbers. They feature a trendy shape and ombre hue that’s quite enticing. Who could resist the pink and light blue blend?


Surprise! Red is a trending shade for summer 2024. OK, that’s not really surprising, considering red is one of those timelessly fashionable colors that never goes out of style. 

When you add these oversized red shades wholesale sunglasses to your store, you won’t have to worry about the season. Red is always in style, so you can sell these beauties year-round.

Grab the Latest Trending Wholesale Sunglasses Colors Today!

Need summer-ready wholesale sunglasses for your shop? Draw in your customer base by featuring the top four trending colors of summer 2024! Apparel Candy has plenty of stylish and trendy options. From timeless options like oversized frames and aviators to cool shapes and embellished shades, Apparel Candy has you covered. Order online today or contact us at (877) 870-8686. To view our entire wholesale inventory, visit www.ApparelCandy.com.

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