2024 Spring Sunglasses Trends Unveiled

2024 Spring Sunglasses Trends Unveiled
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With spring and summer on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to line your shelves with sunglasses. 

To ensure you’re the go-to shop for all things sunglasses, you need to have the latest trends in your inventory. Luckily, here at Apparel Candy, we stay on top of the latest fashions and have a whole line-up of fashionable wholesale sunglasses your customers will surely enjoy. 

Let’s take a peek at the 2024 sunglasses trend:

Oversized Frames

It’s pretty clear at this point: oversized frames never go out of style. They’re a timeless choice that will continue to be popular through 2024. That said, you can’t go wrong with adding them to your store’s inventory! 

Apparel Candy has plenty of oversized wholesale sunglasses. Some of our best-sellers include these sassy animal print oversized shades and these classic options, which also come with spring-friendly colors like pink and blue.

Unconventional Shapes

In 2024, it’s perfectly OK to step outside the box. In fact, it’s encouraged. With that in mind, unconventional shapes are at the forefront of sunglasses trends —and they need to be in your store. 

Offering various styles and shapes will allow you to cater to a multitude of clients who have different tastes and personalities. 

We recommend these spectacular diamond-shaped wonders to cater to your ritzier customers, while girly girls of all ages will buy these cute flower power shades. Some customers will definitely love these star-shaped wonders, too!

Embellished Accents

Sparkly, glamorous, and eye-catching, it’s no wonder why sunglasses with embellishments are all the rage for 2024. And trust us, if you line your shelves with these bedazzled wholesale fashion sunglasses, you can almost guarantee that they will fly off of the shelves.

So, what kind of stylish, ultra-glam fashion sunglasses do we offer? 

We’ve got quite a few! 

These heart-shaped beauties are lined with jewels to really catch the eye with a feminine approach. For customers who like just a pinch of sparkle will enjoy this selection of shades instead. These sunglasses are also a good choice for your shop, as they have some embellishment detailing on the lens that’s quite enticing.


Like oversized frames, aviators are another one of those styles that are timeless. Many shoppers flock to these types of sunglasses, so your store needs to be ready with plenty of options! 

We have all sorts of options, including this pack that’s loaded with different color options to cater to all types of clientele. We also have these jewel-lined options for those who want the best of both worlds and these ultra-bright pieces perfect for spring!

Get Your Shelves Lined with Spring-Ready Shades Today!

Need spring-ready wholesale sunglasses for your shop? Apparel Candy has plenty of stylish and trendy options. From timeless options like oversized frames and aviators to cool shapes and embellished shades, Apparel Candy has you covered. 

To purchase from our online store, please visit www.ApparelCandy.com or contact us at 877.870.8686 with any questions!

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