Apparel Candy X Behalf: What You Should Know

Apparel Candy X Behalf: What You Should Know
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Investing in your company shouldn't be as hard as it is in 2019. Money being the constant concern for any existing or newcomer to the self owned business community. At Apparel Candy, we scour the internet to keep up with the latest trends, both in fashion and business technology. Innovative companies that are offering answers to long sought after questions, or those we haven't even thought of yet, are constantly sparking our interests. One of those is Behalf, our newest payment partner. Thanks to Behalf, we're getting rid of the barriers small business owners often face when looking to grow their business. Or even just keep it up and running. Behalf allows us to offer financing to customers, which directly increases their ability to purchase new inventory. Allowing them to stay on top of trends, or even just replace a recently sold out fragrance that won't stay on the shelves. 

What is Behalf?

They are a technology company who believes "affordable access to capital is essential to growing any business – large or small." Thus, giving business' the opportunity to apply for instant capital to use at participating merchants with flexible payment scheduling. Unlike other prepaid companies, Behalf's interest rates range from 1% - 3% and don't change. There are no hidden, late, or monthly fees.
As we've just rolled out our Apparel Candy X Behalf partnership, you can now apply within minutes from our site here, with 40% of applicants receiving a decision within minutes. Once your application is processed, Behalf will admit an amount of capital ranging from $500 - $50,000. There are then multiple payback options as to allow business' to pick the best option for them. Giving business' up to 6 months to payback the money. And if you're an overachiever, Behalf offers a 10% off discount when you choose to make weekly payments. To put it simply, Behalf is for the people, by the people. Rated as a top company in its field since its inception, there is no question as to why. The Behalf mission and goals to improve the quality of business' and buying practices are clear an easily attainable. 

What does this mean for Apparel Candy Customers?

Now when you're shopping, you'll no longer need to worry about having enough money, or needing to pick and choose between items. Most business' will receive a quality amount of capital to ensure they can purchase their usual amounts, or even more, depending on current trends and needs. The shopping experience is exactly the same as before, with Behalf only coming into play during checkout. Once your cart is full and you enter checkout, you will now have an additional payment option of Behalf. You can then dictate how much you would like to spend via Behalf, and complete your purchase. This option means that Behalf pays us, and you pay Behalf.
This means the relationship between merchandiser and buyer will slightly change as after purchase, any monetary questions or concerns will go through Behalf. On our end, we see payments from Behalf if you choose to use them. If not, it will be the same as usual.

Apparel Candy Puts Customers First


With the first few days of Behalf X Apparel Candy underway, we are optimistic of what this partnership means for the future. If bringing the best quality products to customers is our first priority, then uplifting and supporting customers comes in close second. Making the process of buying on Apparel Candy simple and easy is our goal for this year, and with adapting After Pay and Behalf, we see those goals coming to fruition. Our hope with these shop now pay later company partnerships we're giving autonomy back to buyers. Over the coming months we look forward to tracking Behalf pay usage and feedback from customers to report on how well its going. Look forward to future blog posts regarding these systems. Even to hear from customers like you about their experience with Behalf X Apparel Candy.


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