6 Accessories Trends You'll Need This Spring

6 Accessories Trends You'll Need This Spring
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With each winter season comes the most coveted time of year for fashionistas everywhere, Fashion Week. From New York City to Copenhagen, designers are sending masterpieces down the runway. Simultaneously setting the trend for what's to come in the spring and summer months. Luckily for customers of Apparel Candy, we stay on top of all trends, from hand bags to sunglasses, to make sure your stores are stocked with only the best.

This year saw a wave of nostalgia hit the runways. From 80's hair to 70's satchels and 90's little black backpacks and wayfair glasses, we saw it all. Our hope as your go to online retailer is that you'll find the perfection pieces for your customers. Making them happy to participate in trends that call Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Tiegen early adopters. 

Check out our 6 go to accessories of 2019 that'll be sure to make it to your "must-haves" list

1. Unique Handle Cut-Out Clutch 


    Emporio Armani at Milan Fashion Week via Livingly

    Adding a bit of flare to the clutch, fashion houses like Armani have begun inputting strategic cut-outs at the handle of their clutches, drawing the eye in, and making onlookers covet. Milan fashion week is where designers debut a bit more couture items, but also let loose and bring fun everyday statement pieces to their audience. Our cut-out handbags bring just as much drama and flare with added stylistic choices such as a zipper and detachable strap as seen below

    2453 Beige

    2. Bucket Bag

    Via Italist

    As mentioned, this years fashion trends take on a nostalgic aught, with bucket bags being one of the hottest items. From the label covered Louis Vuitton to the modest stud covered Fendi. Bucket bags are making a strong comeback. Not only are they versatile, but gives the wearer an edge of cool not easily done with an item of clothing. These bags are why we as a people love accessories. They elevate our outfits and appeal to those who want what we have. Upping its place on the hottest trends of 2019 list. Any accessory that can enhance the level of cool of its owner is a slam dunk.


    3. Mini Clutch

    Via Burberry

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that mini everything is in. From mini sunglasses to mini skirts, 2019 is going to be the year of miniature versions of all our fashion faves, and that's no different when it comes to bags. The miniature clutch with a chain strap exudes classiness whilst showing onlookers you know how to rock the hottest trends. Simple black leather, or faux, with gold accents a classic bag does make. Now make it in a mini version and it's even better. A perfect clutch for a night out when all you need is your id, bold lip, and determination to make bad decisions.

    4813 Black

     4. Butterfly Sunglasses

    Via Marques' Almeida

    Setting themselves up to stand out from the masses in 2019, brands like Coach and Prada embraced the concept of butterfly sunglasses and never looked back. From actual frames in the shape of butterflies like these from Marques' Almeida above, or oversized and blingy that encompasses a butterfly's aura, the effect is the same. Feel good trends like butterfly sunnies are a breath of fresh air from the cutting edge and sometimes hard to follow trends of some haute couture houses. Our affordable take on the butterfly sunnies below make it even easier to keep up with Jones' of the fashion industry.



     5. Flat Top Sunnies

    Via Livingly  

    Like something from the future, flat top sunglasses came out of nowhere this season. From fully loaded flat tops to those whose frame barely touch the lense, they made a splash and have no intention of slowing down. A sharp contrast to the oversized round shapes and small sunnies some designers premiered. Houses like Guy Laroche broke the mold with their take on the highly whispered about trend. Our 12 pack of neon flat top sunnies not only look like they belong in 2032, but allow customers the choice to match their sunglasses with their moods. From vibrant yellow to moody blue.


     6. Extreme Bling Sunnies

    Via Pure Atlanta

    At Apparel Candy we love a good bling moment, so we were more excited than most to see that many major fashion brands chose to go the crystals route this season. From encrusted frames to bejeweled lenses, this years run ways donned it all. To stay up to date with what buyers are looking for, we have an array of blinged out sunnies that are sure to turn heads. Be prepared to go all in on the trend when it comes to our oversized fully jewel encrusted frames. There'll be no need to announce your entrance, as the light reflecting off your glasses will be enough.


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