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Accessories Trend Watch
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It's a long standing rule that accessorizing is the key to making a statement in fashion. Just as important as the clothes are to the wearer should be how they accessorize said clothes. This can vary from a clever refashioning of a scarf into a hair bow or your favorite ring into a classic necklace pendant.

Our accessories vary across jewelry, bags, and eyewear. Never one to believe that less is more, we offer a large inventory for clients to choose from. Giving them the resources to curate an accessories assortment that'll impress even the grandest fashionista.

Going through this spring/summers accessories trends, we spotted many different takes on the classics, that Apparel Candy offers at affordable prices. Take a sneak peak at the accessories your customers will be running to come spring.

Fruity Earrings 


Pineapple Post Earring

When you head out the door more than likely you're reaching for the same pair of hoops or pearls you wear everyday. Come spring, opt for a unique and eye catching alternative in the form of these pineapple posts. Made popular by influensters showcasing their own vintage finds, these are sure to turn heads and give you that confidence boost you need. Look around our site and you'll see less flashy versions in simple silver or gold studs, but these yellow and green pineapple replicas are sure to give you an edge.



Grey Vintage Clear Glass Hair Pin


An homage to the 80's and 90's hair accessories, barrettes are making a huge impact in today's fashions. Seen on runways like Chanel to your favorite Instagram influencer, it's safe to say barrettes aren't going anywhere soon. Our barrette and hair accessory options span from vintage glam as pictured above, to simple hair pins for everyday wear.

 Bib Necklaces

Grey Rose Bib Necklace And Earring Set

The bigger the better, bib necklaces are seeing a resurgence in fashion. As the last years we were inundated with minimalist fashions, 2019 is all about excess. Bib necklaces are the perfect way to portray extravagant excellence. You can eve stack multiple bib necklaces atop one another to recreate the look. We offer many takes on this trend from the chunky Rose Bib featured above, or smaller bib necklaces made to be layered and paired together. 


Bracelet Cuffs

Another case for stacking comes the bracelet cuff. An accessory that saw its height during the 90's and is making its comeback right in time for spring. Stacking bracelet cuffs is an art that anyone can master with the right accessories. At Apparel Candy we offer cuffs in a variety of colors and patterns. Ensuring that customers can truly wear their individuality on their arms. Take for example this light brown tortoise cuff that would pair great with a bright colored topaz cuff for a more eccentric look, as well as with a black or beige to keep the look more neutral for everyday wear.


 Slogan Caps

Bad Hair Day Baseball Cap Black

Whether it be a bad hair day,get it, or just opting for a more casual look. Our slogan baseball caps should be the first thing you grab for when walking out of the door. These are not new to the current fashion landscape, having been big the last few years on Instagram boutique and being apart of musician merch. You can never go wrong with a slogan cap. We definitely suggest our Bad Hair Day cap so that you can portray your true feelings about the day to the world. That a bad hair day can not, in fact, ruin your day.

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