3 Reasons You Should Be Checking Out with Quad Pay

3 Reasons You Should Be Checking Out with Quad Pay
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When looking to make the buying process easier for our customers, we look at all possible options. From the early aught of Apparel Candy we’ve allowed PayPal check out, which is arguably one of the most convenient ways to check out for customers. Thus, a new process would need to be just as good, if not better, for us to bring it on to our platform.

That’s where Quad Pay comes in.

First thing’s first. What exactly is Quad Pay? Taking a look at their website, you’ll see this little blurb that captures the product as a whole.

 “QuadPay is a consumer centric payment platform that exists to transform the way shoppers pay for their purchases by offering simple and transparent payment methods.

Quad Pay is giving business’ the power to make the buying/checkout process easier for customers. And customers the ability to better cash flow their money and be able to pay in installments, rather than up front.

Apparel Candy customers range from brick and mortar shops to online boutiques, with varying amounts of overhead and expenses. Knowing this, and that these costs can make or break a business, we saw an answer in Quad Pay. Being able to buy inventory for your store without paying the entire price at checkout is life changing. It can be the difference between keeping you doors open another month or having to shut down. Quad Pay makes the process simple and user friendly, with the latte being the real selling point.

Have we piqued your interest yet? Keep scrolling for our 3 reasons why you should checkout using Quad Pay.

1. No Interest

No really, there is no interest when you checkout with Quad Pay. The process is simple and straight forward. Once you sign up and are approved able to choose it at checkout, with the payment plan standard for all users. Payments are split up evenly over four installments every two-weeks. Just allocate the credit card you want to use, and Quad Pay will set up auto payments for you. With no interest also comes no fees. As long as you make your scheduled payments, you’ll receive no extra fee’s. If you miss a payment/ have an overdue account, you’ll be charged a $7 late fee. If after a week/7 days the account is still past due, you’ll be charged another $7 fee and so on. They also have quick and easy customer service chat and telephone lines to help you through any issues that may come up.

2. Ease of Use

The process of using and checking out with Quad Pay is simple. There is no red tape or tens of confirmation steps to go through only to be denied. To become a Quad Pay user, you simply sign up! After the initial sign up process you are asked to provide a few personal details like your phone number. You are then quickly either accepted or denied. Once approved you’re instantly able to use Quad Pay at checkout for any of their partners, including Apparel Candy. Could it be any simpler? We think not.

 3. Paying On Your Terms

Take your financial planning to another level with this fix to lowering overhead and business costs. Stocking up on inventory is easily one of the most costly parts of running a clothing/accessories business, and business owners shouldn’t be forced to choose between paying their bills and investing in their stores. This isn’t to say everyone needs this to lighten the financial burden, but the fact that I can, is a nice bonus. Being able to split up a $600 order into equal payments of $150 sounds a lot more reasonable than one lump sum. This also means you’re able to buy more at once, instead of needing to put off certain tiems until you can “afford” them. This way, if you know you need an item now, you can plan to pay for it later. We see this as a win-win for everyone.

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