The Top 3 Wholesale Trends Every Retail Brand Should Keep an Eye on This Season

The Top 3 Wholesale Trends Every Retail Brand Should Keep an Eye on This Season
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It’s no secret that in 2020, the fashion industry like most businesses these days, have adapted and adjusted to the new era of online shopping and customer engagement! In a sea of virtual shopping carts, it can sometimes be hard to create an online haven that not only draws in your customers but keeps them wanting more. Apparel Candy does just that. Not only are there many options to peruse through and consider when building an inventory of your own, but Apparel Candy, the #1 wholesale apparel company, stays true to the retail experience we know and trust while also adding in fun new additions.


Fun Colors

The very first thing a customer will always see when scrolling through an online wonderland of clothing, is COLOR!. Colors are the windows into every fashionistas heart because it’s the very first tool you have to catch one’s attention. Apparel Candy keeps a wide variety of vibrant colors that not only compliment a wide range of customers but throw in a little something for just about anybody.


Versatile Silhouettes

Being mindful of flattering fits as well as unique and versatile pieces for comfort and confidence is a huge key for brand loyalty! Apparel Candy does a truly stellar job of making sure to provide silhouettes that are not only flattering and slimming on a great deal of different body types, but also allows for different layering tools as well as the ability to easily dress up or down your clothing. 


Options, options, options

When browsing for wholesale apparel, look for the variety of options available. We live in a world that is largely dominated by what comes next and what comes fast, so making sure to have sufficient inventory of options is of utmost importance. Apparel Candy offers great number of versatile options that transition beautifully from day to night, which depicts the range and depth provided when it comes to building a trusted brand.


If you’re a fashion retailer who’s stocking up of all the latest and greatest this season, fret not! Apparel Candy is here to make your inventory selection as painless and as fabulous as possible! From top to bottom, quite literally, we’ve got you covered!

To peruse and shop from our online store please visit or contact us at 877.870.8686 with any questions.


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