5 Sunglasses Trends That Are in for Summer 2019

5 Sunglasses Trends That Are in for Summer 2019
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When it comes to summer wardrobes, sunglasses are the finishing touch that can make or break a look. This also means that sunglasses are one of the most important fashion items you'll ever buy. Sure you can stick to your unassuming wayfarers or transition lenses, but why limit yourself? Like the colorful blouse or ripped jeans that you bought as an extension of your personal style, your sunglasses are a visual representation of who you are. Or, who you want to be. They are also a great way to exude that personal style if you work in or frequent environments where you have to dress business professional or casual. In the office, you're a black slacks and white button down person. Once it's time to leave for a coffee run or lunch date though, you're rocking the hottest trends of the season.
No mater who you are, you can embrace one or all of these summer trends that we scouted just in time for the summer months.

Flower Power



Once the weather is consistently at a nice 72 and sunny, you can break out these trendy floral shades. What's great about the emergence of the flower glasses trend, is that it's not just one style. Like the sunglasses that are literally in the shape of daisies. Cute, functional, and unique. You can rock these at the next outdoor festival/concert you're attending, or throw on for any occasion where you want the attention to stay on you. Similarly, you can rock the flower power trend in a more subtle way with flower accents on the upper rim of your aviators like these popular ones above, or in a floral print on the arms. There is no wrong way to embrace a trend, and something as general as flowers allows designers to run wild with their own interpretation. Thinking out of the box to provide the best of a trend for your customer is where these options can come in. Give them what they don't know they want, but will have them diving for the last pair once they're within eyesight.


Tinted Aviators



Last summer it was all about tiny and minimalistic sunglasses, this summer the trend setters have spoken and are bringing it back to the early aughts with tints and all things oversized. Tinted aviators are the perfect summer staple because they exude that effortlessly cool vibe that we all are striving for. Whether you're looking to see the world through rose colored glasses, literally, or are into a more grungy vibe of dark greens and yellow, anything goes. When others see you, they get to take in your cool styling choice, and you get to see the world in a different color. What's better than distorting reality for a few minutes everyday and seeing the world in different colorful hues to brighten your mood.


Translucent Monochromatic 

Translucent sunnies have been on our radar since the start of 2019, and we're happy to see the monochromatic color blocking on the rise for summer '19. These are for the risk takers, the fashionistas who likes to show off their style and don't care what anyone else thinks. Keeping it monochromatic with a colorful translucent frame and matching color on the lenses can almost make the wearer appear from the future. Nothing too gaudy, but the color options executed in the translucent finish isn't something we've seen before.


Circular frames? So last season. It's all about rectangular for summer 2019. Both practical and functional in their simplest form, designers are able to utilize colors and embellishments to elevate them to fashion forward favorites. Participating in the trend doesn't have to be only for those who want to rock the colorful sea-foam green and bejeweled shades like the ones featured above. You can always opt for a black or neutral tone. Maybe even animal print if you're feeling a little bit of adventure and a tinted lens for good measure. 

 70's Bifocals

Turn on any movie from the 70's and you will find a cool mom wearing a pair of incredibly large bifocal sunglasses. Now, we call these vintage 70's frames. Then, they were just sunglasses. What's great about this style is that anyone can partake and there isn't a specific shape or style you have to wear. Say it with me, inclusivity. Do you prefer circular? Great. More of a thick square frame? Even better. As long as they are big, you're doing this trend right. Matter of fact, the bigger the better so when you're out enjoying a solo lunch at your local patio bar, you won't have to worry about being recognized by onlookers. Just enjoy yourself and let the shades speak for themselves.

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