5 Summer Jewelry Trends Too Hot to Miss

5 Summer Jewelry Trends Too Hot to Miss
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The word of the summer is fun and our top picks for summer 2019 jewelry encompass that entirely. Sure we love minimalism and the every day looks that have taken over the market, but we're happy to see some bright colors and bold statement pieces make their way back to the mainstream. It also goes to show that gold is extremely versatile, from the bold and heavy hoops featured here or the delicate rose gold pendant, you can never go wrong with a little bit of gold. Included in this list are the colorful resin floral earrings that are this writers favorite, and our delicate drop earrings that are perfect for a warm summer date night. These may be our picks for the summer, but we hope to see them continuing on past warm months. A little fun never hurt nobody.

Heavy Hoops

Leopard Print Resin Hoop Earrings



Oversized Hammered Plate Hoop Earrings


Hoops have never really left the conversation of current jewelry trends, but this season top fashion houses showed off their thick and heavy hoops that were a nice change to say the least. Not only are they eye catching in that they are hoops, but the chunkiness of them adds a touch of drama to any look. From heavy and flat like the golden hoops above, or the chunky animal print, we've seen this trend interpreted a multitude of ways on the runway this season. That's the beauty of fashion, there is no right or wrong way, just your way.


All Chain Everything


Gold/Tritone Chain Mesh Bracelet


Nine Line Multicolor Chain Necklace


 Stack them, wear them alone, around your neck, on your wrist, chains are  versatile and for everyone. Like heavy hoops, this is a new trend that hasn't had its moment yer, but we're so excited it's here. Our favorite iteration has to be the stackable chain necklaces like the one we've featured above with silver and gold metal plated chains stacked 9 lines deep. If you ask us, the more chains the better. If you're looking for more of a statement piece, chunky chain bracelets like our gold chain mesh bracelet above will be sure to catch the eye of everyone you pass. Perfect for everyday summer excursions or your favorite underground club, there is no limit to the multitude of ways you can style the chain trend.


Drip Drop


SW Channel With Pearl Drop



We love a good drop, whether that be for our favorite brands limited sneaker release, or the kind that comes at the end of an earring. Drop jewelry is having a moment right now, specifically drop earrings and necklaces. The pearl drop necklaces are taking the spotlight when it comes to showing off this trend. With a long chain followed by the drop pearl pendant, you can live out your favorite Great Gatsby fantasy in a jewelry Daisy Buchanan would've certainly adored. For the rebel with a cause, embrace the drop trend subtlety with a tassel like the one featured above. The rhombus shape and gold accents brings the look together for a classic evening earring.


Charmed Life

Gold Handcuff Charm Bracelet


Pearl Charm Bracelet


This summer's hottest jewelry comes in the form of charms, but these aren't your mom's charm bracelets. Controversial charms like the handcuffs pictures above bring power to the wearer, letting people know they don't care what you may think, but you will respect them and their jewelry. Sure there's less expensive ways to do this, but fashion is a lot more fun. Especially when you're pairing it with your go-to summer night out outfit. It's a funny thing what fashion and accessories can do, how they can translate into something completely different. Like choosing to wear a more dainty pearl charm that is both subtle and stylish. Take it from a day pool party or brunch to your local dive bar. It doesn't matter the location, just that you're comfortable and confident in your skin.

Flower Power

Post Resin Flower Earrings

Flower Cast Pendant Necklace - Rose Gold


Once in 2006 the iconic Miranda Priestley aka Meryl Streep uttered the most iconic quote about florals in existence. "Florals, in spring? Groundbreaking." YOu may have thought florals would never bounce back from a takedown such as that, but florals have continued to be a staple in both the spring and summer months. Lately however, they have taken a back seat to the more neutral and everyday pieces, and we're so glad to see them making a comeback this summer. This also means different variations of floral. We're not pingeonholed to the same floral print, but instead embracing all things floral, like this simple rose gold flower pendant. This perfectly blends the minimalist trend whilst embracing the floral. Looking to make a bigger splash at the rooftop bar, we say go for the opst resin floral studs that'll elevate any one or two piece.

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