Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide
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We’re only a little over a month away from Thanksgiving/Black Friday, and two months from Christmas. As this is the case, we know our customers are either in the planning or execution stages of getting their gifts for the holiday seasons. With this planning comes the issue of trends, shipping, pricing, and more. At Apparel Candy we are constantly adding new items to our roster of products, staying on top of trends, and making it easier for customers to make purchases in bulk for their needs. So much so, we’ve decided to provide a deep dive for current and new customers to consult when going into their buying process.

Read our guide, take some notes, and get shopping.

Quick shipping

Our fast shipping is truly unprecedented when compared to other online websites, especially our competitor wholesalers. When you make a purchase on before 12:00 pm on a business day, your order will be given same day shipping. Orders placed after 12:00 pm will then be shipped the next business day. We also offer fast international shipping, with orders being shipped out as soon as they are confirmed completely given the extra steps that are included in them.  As we ship exclusively through FedEx, you will receive tracking information and an expected arrival date when your order is shipped. As mentioned, you still have 1-2 months to place your orders before the two biggest holidays of the year, but with fast shipping, you can save up and place orders closer to the dates without worrying about delays. 

Buying in bulk

When it comes to purchasing in bulk, we’ve got you covered. Although we do offer individual purchases on everything except sunglasses, sometimes it makes sense to buy a great item ten times over. Bulk gifting is perfect if you’re the boss and looking to gift your employees great accessories, or have a large giveaway happening at your office and want great gifts to give away. Either way bulk ordering you can’t go wrong. Whether that be buying 10 of the same tote in different colors, or 50 orders of sunglasses in your companies colors. We make it easy to see bulk and individual pricing, and offer assistance through our amazing customer service that are more than happy to walk you through the process as you need.



As we're known for our top quality sunglasses, we recommend taking a look at our selection of novelty glasses as a great bulk gifting option. For sunglasses most bulk options are 12 pairs or more, so they make it easy to mix and match color options to the recipients, or keep it uniform with all in the same. These fun neon options allow you to have color and swag with the matching mirrored lenses that make them a perfect option for a holiday gift bag.

Solid Cellphone Crossbody with Clear Window Brown

Something like the above phone crossbody bag would be great to buy in bulk as a company gift. Switching it up to include wallet cellphone holders for those who aren't into a crossbody bag. Including the technological element makes it a great gift that is actually useful. With so many color and design options, you can buy 10 of each with incredible ease.

Family gift giving

Family gifting can be tough, but if you’re looking at a purchase from Apparel Candy, you’re already at a great start. Not only do we have current trends that are constantly being updated, we offer different color options on almost every product we have. Looking to gift a purse for two cousins but they have different color palettes, no problem, we have an option for that.

Fierce Warrior Men

Twinkling Night Women

Our mens and women's fragrance options allows you to shop by scent profiles, so you can do all of your shopping in one place. The worst part about shopping for the holidays other than the prices is having to go from store to store, or website to website, to do all of your gifting.

Due to our huge inventory and plethora of options from bags and fanny packs, to sweaters and sunglasses, you can do all of your shopping here. Did we happen to mention you get free shipping on orders of $ and up? Well, now you know. Why double or quadruple your shipping costs because you have to buy from multiple websites instead of getting shipping completely free here? We know the obvious choice, and wish you well on your shopping excursions.

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