Back to School Bag Roundup 2019

Back to School Bag Roundup 2019
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Back to school prep used to follow rules. Having a few pairs of the same jeans in various colors, one book-bag, a couple of blouses, and a pair of whIte and black shoes to go with everything was all you needed. If you were lucky, you got to show off your personality with a pink backpack or getting your jansport monogrammed. Parents didn’t adhere to what kids wanted for the most part, just what they needed. All of these things were also incredibly pricey, and having the top name brands was a must. Luckily now for boutiques and online retailers, the back to school rush is more revolved around the latest trends, and expressing yourself. Kids just want to have fun and their parents are finally ready to let that happen.

Take note when you’re stocking up for your own inventory. Are you only offering the typical book bag? Do you have enough color options? Are your fashion bags and fanny packs up to par? As technology continues to move into classrooms via mandatory student ipads and laptops, carrying around loose leaf paper and binders isn’t the main priority in choosing a bag. Kids can opt for a sleeker bag option that fits just the essentials, or opt for no bag at all and just a purse. There are tons of options, and so we’ve done part of the work for you by creating this list of back to school must have bags. Take a look and if you’re not offering at least half, you may want to take a virtual stroll around our site to add to your inventory. 


Bejeweled Bags

Bejeweled bags are nothing new, but they are having somewhat of a moment this year. Things in excess have gotten a bad wrap over the last couple of years, but now it’s all about more is more. The real question you should be asking yourself if you’re not subscribing to this trend, is why not? For back to school shoppers, the more bling the better. The options we have here are more on the tame side, keeping the color basic so the jewels speak for themselves.  A plus of these are they double as an expression of oneself usually left to the vices of extra earrings or a belt chain. Moving the bling to the bag allows wearers a bit more freedom when it comes to accessorizing.  Personally, we love to see it.

Teddy Bags

Unless you were living under a rock this past year, you are well versed in the fuzzy teddy trend that took over fashion this year. From oversized hoodies to winter jackets and even crop tops, the teddy trend was everywhere. Now just in time for school, we have a plethora of teddy bags to offer to your fashion forward customers and their school age children. Not only were these hot on the run ways and street style blogs all year, but people of all age have been embracing the faux fur and maximalism that this trend offers, which is a staunch cry from the minimalist wave thats been in the forefront of fashion as of late. You'll want to have at least 2 teddy options for back to school shoppers to browse, and more if you're really looking to appeal to those buyers who are up on trends.

Beaded Everything

 4876 Multicolor


1186 Ivory


Beaded or bejeweled, that is the question. Well, we are here to tell you to have both. We love this throwback nod to the 90's of beaded bags taking over fashion. Most notably the multicolor bag is a perfect tote for any back to school teenager looking to be the envy of all their friends. Not only is a step above the rest when carrying their books from class to class, but also double as a great everyday bag. Creating a back to school display with a beaded bag as a highlight is a great way to highlight your different offerings to back to school shoppers. At Apparel Candy we have a few different takes on the newest trend, from large multi color totes to the smaller handbag version that makes a great plus one to the main school bag. Yes, this is thing, your customers will thank you when they see you have them.

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