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Are vintage sunglasses missing from your eyewear inventory? The selection of wholesale vintage sunglasses available at Apparel Candy is unmatched, and for the best prices on the web. We offer an extensive inventory of vintage and other men and womens wholesale sunglasses, and are constantly receiving new inventory. If youve been searching for chic, quality sunglasses for great bulk prices, consider your search over! Apparel Candy has all the wholesale clothing and wholesale accessories youll need to keep your business stocked.
What are the vintage sunglasses I need to have in my store?
You can never have too much vintage.
When it comes to vintage sunglasses, you really can never have too much. Although the allure of true vintage is that the pieces are one of a kind and hard to come by. With our vintage inspired sunglasses options, you can offer the look and feel of these glasses, but to an array of more customers. If we’re talking specifics, there are a select few that you have to, and we mean have to have. Vintage oversized glasses will never go out of style and it is worth having a good selection of both black and various colors. Although black is the go-to for an Audrey Hepburn inspired look, the 70’s are coming back and more customers are looking to the yellow and pink tones of those days. Speaking of oversized, you should also have oversized aviators and cat eyes for the risk takers. If you have these three, you have your bases covered. 150 words.
Who are the best customers for vintage sunglasses?
For the trend setters and style havers.
If they are up to date on the latest fashion trends; have good taste, and genuinely good style, they’re the ideal customer for vintage sunglasses. These are definitely not your mom's glasses, although some cool moms may give in to the 70’s retro vibes to relive some of their youth but they are for anyone looking to make a statement with their chosen eyewear. As we’ve listed in our blog posts of the top sunglasses trends of each season, vintage sunglasses have been on the list of each one, showing that they’re not going anywhere soon. There are dozens of different styles, esigns, and color options for each customer who comes in your store to find their perfect match. It’s up to you as the seller to make this a reality by picking what you know your clientele wants and needs. Don’t fret, if you’re not entirely sure, one of our friendly and helpful team members would be more than happy to offer assistance whilst you make this decision. It’s not life or death, but it could be the difference between a fashion do and fashion don’t.

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