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Welcome to Apparel Candys Handbags Department! We make a point of selling only the chicest handbags customers are sure to love, and for the best wholesale prices on the web! Enjoy picking from our wholesale accessories and stocking store shelves, both virtual and brick-and-mortar, with favorite pieces customers will love. Our handbag selection includes plenty of options that match our wholesale clothing and jewelry, allowing you to create a common theme among your inventory. Check out the selection below!

What are the best handbags for the Spring Summer Seasons?



The handbags of the summer are all about functionality and color options. Never feel like you have to sacrifice one for the other when shopping at Apparel Candy. You’ll see fanny packs with dozens of color and intricate style differences, to translucent messenger bags. Monogram and verbiage everything for spring and summer season are big contenders for top sellers. Customers are looking to make a statement and extend their personality onto their arms when picking out a spring/summer bag. Creating a themed window display or targeted campaign to showcase these various bags is a great idea when cycling between the seasons.


What kind of handbags does Apparel Candy carry?


Apparel Candy has a variety of handbags for every occasion, season, and mood. You’ll want to take advantage of our keen eye for trends and inventory of unique and in demand styles. With most of our styles including 4 or more color options, there’s rarely an occasion you can’t find a bag to shop for on our website. For each season we feature the top trends and styles on our blogs to inspire customers. From the runways, magazines, and influencers instagram feeds, we have a comparable high quality and affordable bag that will blow you away. Make sure to keep a good stock of vacation totes, backpacks, and fashion bags on hand at all times, as these special occasions are always being shopped for no matter the season.


What is the quality of the handbags sold on ApparelCandy.com?

Our blogs outlining trends and style casting are a great starting point to see the quality and production available at Apparel Candy. You’ll never be surprised when purchasing from us as all of the photos on our site showcase actual items in our inventory and accurately portray their textures and materials. Speaking of quality, we work with the best manufacturers around the world to bring our customers the top quality handbags at competitive prices. 

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