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Welcome to Apparel Candy's Wholesale Perfume Department! We offer a wide range of wholesale fragrances inspired by some of the most popular and well-known perfumes of today and are always receiving new shipments. You'll find only the trendiest perfume and cologne scents for stocking store shelves, guaranteed! Our inventory goes beyond wholesale apparel and wholesale sunglasses, and our accessories and fragrance departments continue to grow and evolve. Whatever your fragrance needs, we can ensure the best scents of imposter fragrances at wholesale for the best prices!

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Our collection of wholesale perfumes, colognes, and fragrances is unmatched. See for yourself by checking out our best sellers. If you're looking for wholesale perfumes or wholesale colognes at the best prices, you've come to the right place.

Our catalog is constantly updated to keep up with the latest trends, so make sure to check back with us regularly to see what's new.



Why Should Retailers Sell Fragrances At Their Stores?


As a retailer who sells apparel and accessories, selling fragrances offers another large variety of items to sell, with a low overhead and great profit margins. Here at Apparel Candy specifically, we offer great wholesale pricing on fragrances compared to others, along with great variety and payment options. Fragrances provide a great entry point for customers to build a relationship with retailers, buying for gift items or their seasonal fragrance buys. Like bags and sunglasses, fragrance trends change with the seasons, and those fashion minded buyers are going to approach purchasing fragrances as they do those other products. Investing in one or two per season, these customers are looking to see you have the best sellers, new scents, and variety. 


What Perfumes or Colognes Should We Start With?  


When approaching fragrance inventory, begin your research with what your current customers tend to lean towards in regards to apparel and accessories, and extend out towards perfumes. This especially goes for retailers who are new at selling fragrances. Invest in the trendy and most popular perfumes and colognes and shop per season. Once you have a few rounds of buying, you can isolate the fragrances selling the best, and adapt your buying strategy accordingly. Our suggestion for entry fragrances are musky and neutral scents for the cooler months. Fall and winter tend to skew towards these scents, with summer and spring being the time for fruity and floral. Think of your seasonal scents as the complements of those seasons apparel and accessories. What fragrance will go best with a neon pink fanny pack and cat eye sunnies, and what will pair best with a black messenger bag and neutral aviators?


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