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Our Wholesale Men's Colognes Collection

Welcome to Apparel Candys cologne section! We offer a wide range of wholesale men's colognes in addition to wholesale clothing and wholesale sunglasses, making us a great choice for all your inventory needs. Our collection of wholesale cologne will help you fill your store with scents any man or woman would desire. Browse our collection below and make sure to check in with us frequently. We're constantly receiving new shipments, so you can always find something new and trendy, and offer the best below-wholesale prices on the web. If looking to make cologne part of your inventory or add a few fresh options to your existing selection, you've come to the right place! Note we only ship colognes and perfumes by Fedex Ground due to regulations.
Why should I sell Men's fragrances at my store?

 Investing in men’s fragrances if you have previously or are new to it, opens a door to a new client base who is smart and knowledgeable about what they want and are always looking for the hot new thing. Men and women alike are intrigued by an eye catching bottle and newest fragrance offerings on the market. You’ll want to keep this in mind when purchasing your inventory. Taking note of our cologne descriptions and their comparable scents will aid you and make sure you’re making the right buys. By investing in our select men’s fragrances, you’ll stock your store with an array of men’s go to scents that are great for gift giving ideas on the spot. If this is new to you, we are more than happy to lend insight into our selection and provide you personalized recommendations based on your current store offerings and vision for the future.

How many fragrances do I need to purchase?

At Apparel Candy, we strive to empower our customers to purchase the items they need for the desired quantity and array of items that they know will sell best for their customers. As strong believers in giving customers a variety of choices, when it comes to fragrances, this is a key element in helping customers get the perfect diverse amount of perfumes. Not only in quantity, but in scents and sizes, to appeal to their different customer base. With fragrances, more options are better as customers look to find their unique and signature scent, allowing them to feel empowered at the numerous possibilities at their disposal. We are also more than happy to consult on the top seasonal scents and lend a helping hand when it comes to making selections. It can be a more difficult decision when choosing fragrances to invest in compared to clothes and accessories, and we want to help our customers make the best informed decisions for their clientele.

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