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section! These classic style sunglasses were a revolution in eyewear as they featured a radical new shape and are constructed from molded plastic instead of metal. Originally popular in the late 50s and 1960s, These Classic style sunglasses have enjoyed a resurgence since the early 2000s. If in the market for wholesale sunglasses and looking to add Classic styles to your inventory, youve come to the right place!
What are the classic sunglasses I need to have in my store?

 Without a doubt you want to have classic black sunglasses available in your store all year round.  Keeping these staple shades in your inventory means you’ll be able to cater to both your regular clientele, as well as those one off visitors who come in looking for a specific item. Offering black sunglasses in an array of different styles, whether that be an oversized cat eye or wayfarer, is a must. Keep your customers happy by always being their one stop shop for the best trends and classic designs. This means in addition to the black classic style, offering a few fun colors that will diversify your offerings and add a dose of fun to your layout. Having an array of styles in black, animal print, multicolor, and translucent are a great start to any sunglasses collection. Knowing what your customers usually purchase will give you the insight to know what colors to invest in and increase the likelihood of them becoming return customers and making multiple purchases.

Can anyone wear classic style sunglasses?

Yes, anyone can wear classic style sunglasses. The 5 most classic sunglass styles are; classics, cat eye, rectangular, aviator, and round styles. All of these styles come in different variations ranging from oversized to mini to futuristic, but the most classic styles and colors are what make them fashion staples. When customers think classic sunglasses they tend to think black in color, a size that frames and compliments the face, and aesthetically pleasing. Everyone wants to wear accessories that make them feel good, and the classic style sunglasses do just that. Having different options for this style to capture the customers personality and sense of fashion is exactly why they’re staples, and recommended for everyone. For customers inquiring about classic style sunglasses, you as an owner can use it as a great teaching moment to explain the different classic styles, and how they can choose the right one for them.

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