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Welcome to Apparel Candys wholesale aviator sunglasses section! We offer a wide selection of these and other wholesale sunglasses, allowing you to easily pick and choose favorites. Were always receiving new wholesale clothing and wholesale accessories, and make it easy for you to find what your business needs for the prices you want. You wont find lower wholesale clothing and wholesale accessory prices anywhere on the web, nor will you enjoy better customer service or selection. Check out our aviator sunglasses inventory below!

What are aviator style sunglasses?

Aviator sunglasses are defined by their unique design of often dark reflective lenses that are two to three sizes larger than the wearers eyeball, a very thin double bridge, and bayonet earpieces. Named after the occupation of their original customer, aviators used to be called “pilot glasses” as they were designed to replace the previously large and heavy glasses worn by pilots. From being pilots glasses in their early beginnings to being adopted by military personnel in World War II, aviator’s have always been seen as an active eyewear. Today aviators are lauded as one of the first popularized sunglasses style and a staple of most people’s wardrobe.

Who usually wears aviator sunglasses?

 Aviators are a true American fashion staple, worn and loved by all. Coming in different frames, lenses, and colors, there is a perfect aviator for everyone. Designed as  pilots glasses and to be worn during extreme activity, Aviators are a great durable sunglasses option that are also incredibly fashionable. If asked by a customer about your Aviator options, you’ll want to make sure you have multiple style and color types, especially when it comes to the lenses. The distinguishing factor of Aviators are their signature reflective lenses that can come in classic silver or multi color options. Currently in summer 2019 we’re seing even more diverse style options including multi color frames and colorful ombre lenses.

What are some timeless aviators to stock up on?

When it comes to timeless aviators, simplicity is key. Rely on the original Aviator staples to set the tone when looking to exude this timeless look. As were made famous in their original form, opt for a black thin metal frame with reflective lenses to truly capture the original style. If your customers are known for adding their own twist to a classic, invest in fun colors for added variety; play around with tinted lenses and colorful rims. As the aviator design itself is a classic, you’ll always encompass that elevated sense of style when you reach for your favorite pair.

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