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Our Wholesale Womens Clothing and Apparel Collection

Welcome to our Apparel Department! The selection of wholesale apparel available at Apparel Candy is diverse, stylish and high-quality, while our prices are the best on the web. With so many fantastic wholesale clothing and wholesale accessory options to choose from, you won't have any trouble creating a varied inventory of fashionable apparel. Find everything from fitted tees to chic short dresses to flowing maxi skirts to skinny pants and so much more when you shop here!

What apparel styles do you tend to carry?


If it’s popular and trendy, Apparel Candy will have what you’re looking for at a fair and affordable price point. Just as we ask our customers to ensure they know their prime demographic, we ask the same of ourselves. Knowing when to stick with classic pieces and sets, to backing our choices up with research from local and international style casting. Make your customers feel like they’re the influencers they see on their Instagram feeds and local cool kids at the mall. All of our offerings are strategically picked to ensure a diverse and trendy selection that customers can customize to ensure maximum return on investment. Keeping our apparel styles fresh, we offer most styles in multiple colors and sizes to once again ensure a full arsenal of fashion pieces.


How quick is the shipping on Apparel?


At Apparel Candy we not only strive to deliver the best quality products and customer service, but also timeliness when it comes to processing and shipping orders. Our production team processes and ships all orders within 1-2 business days to ensure customers receive new styles immediately. With our multiple options for shipping and delivery, this quick turnaround is also available for our international buyers. It is our firm belief that providing quick and efficient service to customers is just as important as providing top quality products. If forever there are delays or hiccups down the road, know that Apparel Candy will proactively keep you up to date and work to come to the best possible outcomes.


When's a good time to start stocking on the next season?

Be proactive, not reactive when it comes to stocking up on inventory for next season. We suggest about a month or two to start picking out styles and making purchases. The planning process is important because you want to do the work of knowing the trends of the coming seasons. Knowing this you will be apart of the first wave of early adopters to bring top quality, new, and unique pieces to the local market. Additionally, utilize your knowledge of customers likes and dislikes, as well as likelihood to experiment with different color combinations or scents to inform your product selection.

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