Wholesale Perfume Trends: 2024 Edition

Wholesale Perfume Trends: 2024 Edition
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If you’re considering purchasing wholesale perfumes to add to your shop in 2024, don’t do it without knowing what scents are trending for the year. After all, the goal is to increase sales - not have a whole shelf of untouched bottles!


At the top of the list is floral fragrances. Floral notes never go out of style - and Apparel Candy has plenty of wholesale perfume fragrances featuring floral notes that your customers are sure to love.


Our number one recommendation is the Love Rose Paris. This delicate, feminine scent features a blend of passion flower, citrus, jasmine, and champagne, ensuring a light and airy scent that’s perfect for the upcoming spring and summer. Add this wholesale perfume to your inventory now before the temps start warming up!


Next on the list? Fruity, of course! You can’t go wrong with fruity fragrances, as they’re timeless and beloved by millions across the globe. When you offer fruity scents, you can rest assured you’ll end up with plenty of sales.


The Flowers Bloom Season is the perfect option. Inspired by Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, your customers will enjoy an indulgent blend of vanilla, peony, and decadent fruity floral notes.


What exactly is gourmand? Well, it’s a perfume that embraces the smell of delicacies such as vanilla and chocolate. And it just so happens to be a top-notch fragrance for 2024.


There are a lot of great gourmand wholesale perfume options on our site, but one of the customer favorites is Angelina Women. This scent is a refreshing culmination of tons of different “gourmand” tones, such as berries, coconuts, chocolate, caramel, and vanilla - plus so much more. Needless to say, this is an enchanting gourmand perfume that all will love.


Last on our list is none other than “aquatic.” Like the trendy mermaid-inspired hairstyles, ocean-inspired fragrances are just as popular. You’ll want to capitalize on this trend before it’s too late!


Our Beautiful Beach Women is an outstanding wholesale perfume that customers will come back for more of. Inspired by Island Fantasy by Britney Spears, this invigorating smell blends clementine, orange, berry, watermelon, and jasmine.

Unveiling the Pinnacle of Fragrance in 2024

When it comes to being the one-stop shop for fashion and accessory, perfumes and colognes quite literally from top to bottom, Apparel Candy has got you covered on all your wholesale needs! To peruse and shop from our online store please visit www.ApparelCandy.com or contact us at 877.870.8686 with any questions! You can’t go wrong with these wholesale fragrances!

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