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Vintage Sunglasses
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If you own a business and want to tap into the bearded male market, we’re here to help. Apparel Candy has an excellent selection of wholesale sunglasses to cater to your male audience.

Here are our top finds.

Classic Black Wayfarers

There is something undeniably classic about wayfarers. Not only are they timelessly stylish, but they go with almost any face shape. Being such a versatile pair of shades, you can rest assured these will fly off the shelves.

Don’t settle for just any wayfarers, though. Opt for these Classic Black Wayfarers. Again, it all comes down to being incredibly versatile yet undeniably fashion-forward.

Men are sure to be drawn to these shades. They’re the ideal choice for a romantic date by the ocean or chilling with the boys downtown.

Colorful Aviators

Regular black or brown aviators can give off a 1970s vibe. While this is fine for some, lots of customers don’t want to go for this look. Instead, they’re seeking a more 2023-friendly option.

That’s where this set of Colorful Aviators comes into play.

This pack comes with colorful aviators sporting blues, yellows, purples, and so much more.

With these aviators, cool, masculine, and eye-catching meddle together to complete any look. That said, these are bound to be a top-seller in your shop.

(Don’t worry, though - we have Black Aviator wholesale sunglasses if that fits your shop’s aesthetic better.)

Vintage Round

Of course, there are men that are always trending the vintage look. And for those customers, you must ensure you have something that fits their fancy.And these Vintage Round Shades are precisely the look to be added to any fashion focused customer.

Available in shades ranging from blue to red, where customers won’t have trouble finding a color they’re happy with.

Invest in These Sunglasses Top Sellers Today!

Apparel Candy has an impressive selection of accessories to pick from, including these stylish shades that feature exciting colored lenses that stand out anywhere. For further information or inquiries please contact Apparel Candy at 877.870.8686 or visit to learn more.

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