Vintage Sunglasses for Every Retro Fashionista

Vintage Sunglasses for Every Retro Fashionista
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If there is one fashion that never goes out of style, it’s vintage. Whether it’s someone looking to relive their 90s style or wanting to go back to the hippy days of The Beatles and Bob Marley, vintage options are bound to be a hit in any boutique.

 While you can certainly offer a wide range of vintage clothing and accessories, one item you won’t want to skip is vintage wholesale sunglasses. After all, no outfit is complete without the right pair of shades. Let your biz be the go-to for all-things vintage eyewear by supplying a few of these tremendous wholesale fashion sunglasses.

The 90s - Tiny and Slim

The 90s were known for many things, but when it came to eyewear, there was nothing quite like the tiny and slim trademark shades.

 With the 90s look coming back in full force, it’s no secret that offering these flashback minimalist sunglasses is a great option. Plenty of shoppers will love being able to pull their entire 90s style together with these sunglasses - so don’t miss out.

The 70s - Rounded

Audrey Hepburn and John Lennon wore them best, but that doesn’t mean that fashionistas aren’t going to try their luck at this infamous 1970s look.

 If you have a shop that caters to old-world fashions, consider selling some of these rounded sunglasses. One look at this eyewear and shoppers will instantly be reverted to the 1970s when peace and love were at the forefront of society.

The 1950s – Cat Eye

The cat eye may have originally been paired with the classic beehive hairstyle. But, since then, it has become a fashion staple for many generations - including 2022.

 If you’re looking for a classic look with tons of flair, consider offering cat eye shades to your customers. They have plenty of style and personality to go with a plethora of looks, making them a versatile accessory option for your boutique.

The 1930s - Aviator

If you really want to take your shop back in time with a look that slays to this day, opt for some aviator sunglasses. This is an excellent option when you’re looking for wholesale fashion sunglasses by the dozen as they are universally unisex.

 Step out of the box and get quirky with these aviators with a neon twist, or go casual with some stylish yet straightforward aviators that everyone will enjoy.

 If you’re hunting for wholesale sunglasses, consider going with vintage looks. They never go out of style and will be great for marketing to customers who prefer old-world charm.

 If you’re a fashion retailer who is wishing to stock up on the latest fashion sunglasses at wholesale, look no further. Apparel Candy has everything you need to line your shelves with spring and summer-ready accessories. From top to bottom, quite literally, we’ve got you covered! To peruse and shop from our online store please visit or contact us at 877.870.8686 with any questions!





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