Trendiest Sunglasses to Add to Your Summer 2020 Inventory

Trendiest Sunglasses to Add to Your Summer 2020 Inventory
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As the summer sun shines down, the demand for sunglasses skyrockets. Your customers know that no look is complete without a fashionable pair of shades! Sunglasses are the number one fashion accessory in wholesale apparel and they are a great addition to any clothing and accessory shop because they are appealing, affordable, and in demand. The most popular shades for summer 2020 provide both eye protection and bold fashion statements for your costumers. Be sure to stock up on these five sunglass styles for your online boutique or brick-and-mortar retail store. Your customers will flock to these latest trends, grabbing a pair to wear and a pair to share!

1.Timeless Aviators

A return to the classic aviator frames is trending this summer. Aviators pair well with any outfit and provide ample protection from the sun’s UV rays. You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of aviators, so be sure to add them to your summer inventory.

2.Oversized Shades

This summer, the bigger the frames the better for customers who want to make a bold statement while lounging at the pool. Warm tones, tortoiseshell, and retro square shapes are all the details to look out for when purchasing wholesale sunglasses for your retail store.

3.Angular and Tiny Retro Frames

When it comes to angular and sharp retro frames, think “What would Paris Hilton have worn in the 90’s?” For the teenage fashionistas, smaller-framed shades with sharp angles are the hot item right now. Pair these retro frames with biker shorts and a crop top, and your customers will be the trendiest in town.

4.Sports Glasses

Consumers love multi-purpose accessories. Sports luxe sunglasses emerged as a summer 2020 trend because of their unique versatility. Sports-centric frames are not only unisex, but they can be worn while playing sports and shopping around town. These frames can be worn on and off the field, and they stay on the face while participating in active water sports like water-skiing and kayaking.

5.Cheetah Print

For those customers who want to stand out, cheetah print is the way to go. Pair cheetah print sunglasses with a simple white dress to add some pizazz to a look. You can’t go wrong!

If you’re a retailer who is wishing to stock up on the latest 2020 shades, look no further.  Apparel Candy offers the chicest wholesale sunglasses and is committed to providing its customers affordable and trendy wholesale apparel without standing customer service. For further information or questions please contact Apparel Candy at 877.870.8686 or visit for more fashion finds.





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