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Everyone should wear sunglasses. If they don't, according to EHS Magazine, they're leaving their eyes at risk.

In this blog post, we'll discuss why you should purchase bulk sunglasses for your business and why they can only help your business, not hurt it.

We'll also go over some of the safety reasons why everyone should wear sunglasses. These safety reasons can be excellent sales points to help you sell the sunglasses you've purchased in bulk.

Read on for information about why buying wholesale sunglasses in bulk are the perfect way to help boost your clothing or accessory business.

The FDA Recommends Sunglasses

The FDA recommends that you wear sunglasses, especially in the sand or snow where UV rays will reflect and can damage your eyes. Too many UV rays in your eyes can cause serious, if not permanent, damage, so it is important that you wear sunglasses with UV protection.

If your sunglasses have UV protection, this can be a sales feature for your customer. Let them know that they'll be protected in the sun if they wear your sunglasses, which can be important for consumers.

The more sunglasses you have, especially in the summer, the better.

The FDA recommends that individuals wear sunglasses with UV 400 protection, which our polarized lenses provide for customers. This makes them both fashionable and functional.

People Purchase Them Year-Round

Unlike other accessories and apparel, people buy fashion sunglasses year-round. Even in the middle of winter, people will wear them to keep the sun at bay while they're driving. They are especially a good idea for those who go away in the snow a lot, as sunglasses can protect you from the glare the snow can produce.

While sandals or coats may be items that you can only sell during certain parts of the year, sunglasses are a must-have item 365 days of the year. Whether you live in the desert or the mountains, people will buy them as gifts or for themselves.

Customers Often Buy More Than One Pair

Sunglasses aren't an item that people will only buy one of. Fashion-conscious individuals may treat them as accessories and buy different sunglasses to go with different outfits to complete their look. That means customers may purchase more than one type of sunglasses or even more than one of the same style.

They're a necessary item, but one that is also sometimes easy to lose. As such, you may find customers buying several at once at the point of purchase or coming back for another pair.

By buying in bulk, you can be sure that you always have sunglasses ready for any customer who may come to your shop, or your website, looking for them.

They Make a Great Impulse Buy

If you have a physical shop, you may have items upfront that you have set up for impulse buys. Sunglasses make a great addition to that, as they are often an item people may not intentionally shop for but realize they need while they're in your store.

Having a display of them upfront helps remind customers that they need sunglasses for an upcoming trip or just because of the current weather.

If you buy sunglasses in bulk, this allows you to have enough on display that customers coming into your shop can try them on and decide which sunglasses fit their aesthetic or flatter their face.

Have a Wide Selection Available

You may only wish to have fashion sunglasses available in your store that fit your store's aesthetic or theme. That's perfectly fine, but you will likely want to have several sunglasses styles out to suit various tastes within that theme or aesthetic.

If you purchase in bulk, it is then easy for you to have a wider selection of sunglasses available than if you only buy a few. And, if the sunglasses sell well in your store, you can replace them easily and quickly by going to the back instead of having to wait days to replace the order.

You'll Save Money When Ordering Bulk Sunglasses

When ordering bulk sunglasses, you'll definitely find yourself saving money. This is because sunglasses at wholesale are less expensive than when you buy a few at a time. You'll get a great deal on the sunglasses, meaning they're actually cheaper per pair than they would be if you purchased them one at a time.

Due to saving money when you bulk order sunglasses, you'll find that your profit margins increase with it. You can thus sell your sunglasses at a slightly lower price, which can, at times, attract a wider range of clientele for your boutique or website.

As fashion sunglasses are such a staple item in any store, there is no reason not to bulk buy them. Whether you're an apparel shop or a general store, people will be in the market to buy sunglasses.

Wholesale Sunglasses Are a Fantastic Investment

Wholesale sunglasses are one of the best investments in your business you can make. The FDA states that everyone should wear them, especially in the summer; they're a staple item that customers will always need.

Sunglasses are also necessary investment items for everyone, so customers will want to purchase new pairs as the seasons change and personal style changes. People also break or lose them often, meaning they'll be searching for their next favorite pair. When you order bulk sunglasses, you're likely to carry them.

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