Spotlight: 8 New Fragrances to Try Right Now

Spotlight: 8 New Fragrances to Try Right Now
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Can you feel that? It's the light spring breeze alerting us of a sunny and magnatic summer to come. With new seasons comes the somewhat overwhelming task of choosing a new fragrance. There are so many things to take into account when fragrance shopping. Sweet or musque? Citrus or spicy? High or low? But most importantly, what makes you feel most like you! A perfect fragrance is made perfect because it makes you feel like your best self. Like it’s your signature scent and no one else on earth, even those who don the same scent, can duplicate.

To help with this process, we’ve profiled 8 of our newest scents just in time for summer. Already made up your mind? That’s okay, the good thing about fragrances is there’s not a limit on how many you can have. A different fragrance for every mood or time of day. You do you. In the meantime, check out our picks for the hottest fragrances of summer 2019.




Lavish Lady



Floral fragrances aren’t just all red roses and lilac. With this lavish floral scent with sandalwood and cacao undertones, it’s a breath of fresh air from the overly floral fragrances of summer. As Miranda Priestly once said, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” We aren’t reinventing the wheel with a floral recommendation when it comes to spring and summer scents, but ones that are cut with more neutral and outdoorsy scents make for a unique fragrant experience.


Velvet Nectar

Similarly to Laish Lady, Velvet Nectar is not your typical floral scent. Pink pepper is sprinkled throughout to add a bite to the traditionally light and airy japanese violet overtones. Black amber plum undertones lends another element of deep musquee tones that bring out the true unique features of this fragrance. You'll never think of floral scents the same after trying this.





Let’s figuratively pour one out for our ladies and gents in the form of these musky fragrances. Usually reserved for the colder fall and winter months, musk is making a selective appearance in these summer scents. Never know what to expect when it comes to a musk scent, as they pair perfectly with woody moss hints or neutral vanilla. You can mix and match until you find your perfect scent, the true meaning of having it all.

Urban Gentleman



Glitter & Glam


A fruity scent can be a game changer when it comes to making an impression in the summer months. Bright and shimmery like the bottle it comes in, our top fruity scent Glitter Glam is one for the ages. Strong scents of plum set the base which is a different approach to fruity scents, with the usuals choosing apple or berry scents.


Red Hot Speed


The summer heat isn't the only one coming in hot this season. Our spicy scents are those that incorporate scents like red saffron and spearmint tha leave that almost tingling feeling up your spine with every whiff. A spicy scent isn't for everyone, but it one we suggest everyone try out at least once. It's easy to stick with what you know, but make this summer about taking risks. Say yes to new, and say yes to spicy.



Transport yourself to your favorite Italian coastal town or cabin in the woods when you choose a variation of citrus fragrances. It’s ability to blend with other scents and its diversity makes citrus an obvious summer fragrance. Not being able to choose just one, our team at Apparel Candy chose two of our favorite citrus scents that couldn’t be more different. See? Diversity.


Reclaimed Men


With Reclaimed Men, you get a rugged citrus scent with sun warmed woods and coffee tree flower. Almost like you were born ready for the great outdoors. Whether you actually want to take a trip to your nearest hiking trail, or just like the thought of smelling like it, you can exude both. Never limit yourself, especially when it comes to fragrances as they leave both a first and lasting impression on everyone you meet.


Pacific Waves

The tropical opposite to rugged Reclaimed Men, Pacific Waves smells like your wildest dreams. Italian bergamont is the star of this otherwise laid back scent, giving it the edge that other traditional citrus fragrances lack. With hints of mountain spring water, you'll be refreshed with every spray you make. Not that you'll need it as all of our fragrances are long lasting, keep this with you to keep the scent fresh and current all day long.

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