Heart Shaped Glasses and Fresh Summer Scents

Heart Shaped Glasses and Fresh Summer Scents
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With Labor Day just around the corner, we've got new accessories and scents to help summer go out with a bang! As has been the case of our previous summer restocks, we've got the hottest trends you're looking for. 

From our heart shaped sunglasses to studded aviators, customers will be flocking to these end of summer staples. Our colors also stretch far beyond the typical. Offering both primary and solid colors to neon ombre's, our bundles can't be matched.

And of course, to match our gotta have accessories we've released scents sure to cure the end of summer blues.

Get swept away to the beaches of Bora Bora with one spritz. Or switch up your signature scent from carefree and wistful with a seductive musk. Both fragrances are inspired by the hottest scents on the market and becoming some of our most sought after scents to date.

Check out our new offerings below!


Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Mirroring those worn by literary icon Lolita in Stanley Kubrik's film of the same name, our heart shaped glasses are the perfect compliment to the perfect summer outfit. As we've noted in previous posts, this summer is all about new shades and color assortments. Customers will want to ditch their normal black glasses for a pair of these heart shaped sunnies. Pairing them with a floral dress or little black dress. You'll want to stock up on multiple colors as we're sure they'll fly right off the shelves.

Sweet Summer Scent

Inspired by Fiesta Carioca by Escada for Women, our Bora Bora Bash was made for fun in the sun. Having a scent that can easily go from day to night is no easy feat, and yet, Bora Bora Bash does just that. Being able to spritz it on for a day at the beach or before date night, it can quickly become shoppers go-to scent as they look to cycle out their early summer perfumes. This is a great transitional scent from summer to early Fall. Bora Bora Bash will be there to cease the summer nostalgia sure to come.

Studded Aviators


Leaving sweet and simple behind, these grunge studded aviators are sure to make a splash on your shelves for alt customers looking to switch up their style. What seems to be the theme of 2018 so far is more is more. Multi colored frames and studs take these aviators up a notch. Here we've given this classic summer sunglasses staple a twist to go with the current trends. Neon colors and jewels, check and check.

Dark and Sexy Scent

Seductive Sapphire Men

Destroying gender norms one scent at a time comes our Seductive Sapphire Men fragrance that bring the fragrance of the outdoors to you. With hints of jasmine, apricot, raspberry, and cashmere wood, it's the personification of nature chic. Inspired by Michael Kors Sexy Ruby, our sexy fragrance isn't just for men. One could market to both men, women, and those in between. That's the great thing about these warm an muskier scents, they smell good on anyone. Guaranteed to keep heads turning and people asking "what you're wearing?". Keep customers coming back for more once their friends and significant others learn their sexy scent secret.


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