Four Jean Styles That Customers Are Craving

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When you’re buying wholesale apparel for your business, you want to make sure that you’re buying items that customers actually want. Below, you will find the top four jeantrends that are happening right now. Trust us; these are going to sell out fast.

Ripped Jeans

The more holes, the better. At least that’s what 2021 fashion is telling us. If you’re in the market for ripped jeans, you’re going to want to take a look at these premium capris that are designed to stand out.

For jeans that are still tattered but not overdone, you can also consider these fashion-forward capris. And for those that think mom jeans are all the buzz, you can’t go wrong with these perfectly ripped mom jeans.

Striped Pants

Two words: stripes and belts. These two fashion staples are all the rage. If your business isn’t on board, you might end up losing customers! So, while shopping for wholesale appareland accessories for your business, don’t forget to seek out striped pants with a trendy belt and flared bottoms.

If you’re on the hunt, don’t panic - we have these eye catching striped pants that are a must have. We love the color combination paired with the bell-bottoms that gives us eccentric 70s vibes.

Floral Pants

Don’t forget florals! The floral trend popped up in 2020 and doesn’t seem to be losing steam anytime soon. Florals are great for women of all ages that want a feminine twist on their favorite pants.

We have two gorgeous style options to choose from. These charming navy blue pants are perfect for fall getaways, while these bright red beauties are sure to make a statement at the holiday gathering. With either option, you can’t go wrong.

Women will love the look, style, and comfort. Not only are these pants complementing to the female form, but they also come with trendy flared bottoms that will keep her look fashion-forward.


Don’t forget jeggings! Jeggings are a timeless fashion that work well for the women that want the denim look without actually wearing denim. Stretchy and comfortable, they’re the go-to for women that are opting for that comfortable yet chic style.

We love these jeggings as they are a classic yet flattering cut with the perfect color that can be paired with almost anything.

If you’re a fashion retailer who is wishing to stock up on the latest jeans and fashion finds, look no further. Apparel Candy is here to make your inventory selection as painless and as fabulous as possible! From top to bottom, quite literally, we’ve got you covered! To shop from our online store please visit or contact us at 877.870.8686 with any questions!

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