4 Sunglasses Trends to Uplift Your 2018 Style

4 Sunglasses Trends to Uplift Your 2018 Style
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 With the beginning of August brings an all too familiar rush to get off as many outfits as you can before the weather turns. Luckily when it comes to accessories, specifically sunglasses, they're a year round fashion staple. 

As is the case with most trend watches, it's the "it girls" of the moment who are pushing these trends. From the tiny sunglasses that no one saw coming, to sporty and tinted shades. Celebrities like the Hadid's and Kim Kardashian West are making these sunnies thee must haves for summer and remainder of 2018.

Below we have 4 sunglasses styles that are sure to up your outfit game with Kardashian sized compliments to match.

      1. Ski Goggles 


        An homage to the 80's, ski goggles are making a splash this year. They've been seen on the likes of Cardi B and Gigi Hadid pictured above. What makes these great for the summer and following months are their ability to upgrade a would be rather tame outfit, to edgy. The design itself catapults these glasses, making the wearer infinitely cooler.


      2. Small Frames

        via @kimkardashian

        You would have to be living under a rock to not have seen the small sunglasses trend popping up all over your Instagram feed. Leave your hesitations at the door because there is a style for everyone. From small flat tops to small cat eyes. Pick up a pair of these small sunglasses to elevate your 2018 wardrobe, and let everyone know the fashionista you are.


      3. Tinted

        via @simihaze
        via @simihaze

        Tinted sunglasses are the new ombre. Switch up your style with different colors and styles to match your outfit or mood. From the tinted yellow flat tops seen on 1/2 of the Simi Haze dj duo, to red, pink, or green. Have a different color for every day of the week. Show off your playful side all whilst mirroring the ip trends of today's "it girl".


      4. Retro Cat Eye

        via @bellahadid

        Another 80's style trend that's been taking over as summer goes on are the retro cat eye sunnies. These glasses encompass the classic style of a cat eye with an edge. Above we see Bella Hadid in a white plastic cat eye with tinted rose frames, which can be reworked in a multitude of different ways to fit your personal style. The possibilities are endless.


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