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Wholesale Jumpers

Welcome to Apparel Candy, your source for the best wholesale clothing and best whole cosmetics on the web! We keep our inventory stocked with quality jumpers in different styles and colors, allowing you to easily choose which versions of this classic piece you want. Our goal is always to provide the highest-quality wholesale womens apparel for low, low prices, making us the leading off-price apparel company online. Check out a few of the options below, with unit prices starting at $8.00!
Why shop anywhere else? No matter the size or type of clothing business you operate, the ability to purchase apparel in bulk for amazing prices cannot be underestimated. From boardwalk shops to independent boutiques to mall stores and beyond, buying womens clothing wholesale offers many advantages, starting with a reduction in per unit costs. Saving money over time is something every business benefits from, whether a startup or not!

Purchase wholesale womens clothing from Apparel Candy and enjoy total inventory control and therefore supply chain improvement. Deliver goods to customers easily and more frequently and improve client relations, or re-sell to retailers. Buying in bulk also allows you to restock inventory faster than ever before.

The classic style of jumpers and other wholesale clothes jackets available at Apparel Candy are sure to provide customers with the options that want for the prices they need. From solid jumper options featuring exposed shoulder slash pockets to semi-sheer pieces designed with fabulous patterns, youll find plenty of options for your store, boutique or online business. Fill racks with these timeless pieces and see if they arent snatched up immediately! We offer a range of size options, as well as quality fabrics designed to last for years.

Take your business to the next level when you buy wholesale! Improve relations with customers while enjoying a higher profit margin. With so many advantages to buying wholesale womens fashion clothing, the only challenge is deciding how many to buy of each item!