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Wholesale Sunglasses Wholesale Sunglasses 

Having sunglasses in your store is a great way to make a profit and not spending a lot for them is easy with wholesale sunglasses. Here at Apparel Candy, we offer you more sunglasses then you will ever need for your store. We have every type of sunglasses you could possibly think of from children's to fashion and many more. They range from a dollar and a half to two dollars or more per pair but you will still get a great price for all of your sunglasses. We provide all of our clients with great sunglasses that are sure to have your customers leaving with a smile.

When you are looking for a great way to increase profits at your store we suggest you think about wholesale sunglasses. There are many times when people leave their homes and while they are out decide they want a pair of sunglasses. We offer you one of the best ways to tap in to this market. Our sunglasses are of the latest designs and are sure to be just what your customers want. We offer great deals on children sunglasses that look great and are built can handle the rough treatment children tend to put them thru.

Along with children's we also offer many other wholesale sunglasses for men and women. For women we offer fashion sunglasses that look great on practically anyone who tries them on. Our vintage sunglasses offer your customers a look that is timeless and will match practically anything they wear. We also offer great sunglasses for men that are designed to look great on any man's face. Along with our men's sunglasses, we have aviator sunglasses that are perfect for those who want to look like a fighter pilot and still keep their cool.

The right wholesale sunglasses can make your store boom

Besides offer wholesale sunglasses, we also offer great deals on sunglass accessories. We have great sunglass cases that will keep your customers sunglasses safe from scratches as well as dust and other debris. We have several different types of cases from hard to soft we even offer visor clips that are perfect for keeping your sunglasses right where your customers need them most. Finding your sunglasses quickly and easily when you get in to your car can make your trip that much more enjoyable. We also have sunglass strings and sunglass stands for your display. Our strings make popping your sunglasses off a quick and easy thing to do. While having them right where you need them and can put them back on quickly.

We want to help you find the perfect type of wholesale sunglasses that are going to work in your store. We offer great deals on everything you need including sunglass stands for displaying them in your store. If you find you have, any questions you want answered you can contact us with our live chat help or you can call us toll free at 877-870-8686. When you call one of our representatives will assist you with everything from placing an order to checking on your order states.