Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Cologne/Perfume

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Here at ApparelCandy, we have a wide selection of wholesale perfume and cologne options to excite your customers. However, we also want to be your one-stop place to shop for information.

With that in mind, our topic of discussion today is the mistakes most people make when applying cologne and/or perfume. Knowing this handy info means you can relay it to your guests while checking out, ensuring they’re using their new fragrance properly for the best results.

1. Rubbing it in

Women and men tend to rub in their fragrances. Yet, all you’re doing is rubbing the scents altogether and mixing them with your natural oils. This diminishes the aroma, whether you opt for something perky like Midnight Dream Cloud or a robust option like Dark Black Men.

2. Spraying in the Air

Another issue is spraying in the air. This is the last thing you want to do when purchasing wholesale perfumes or colognes. All you’re doing is wasting product. Instead, spray three to six inches away from your body - and don’t rub it in.

3. Using Too Much

Overdoing it is not attractive; you don’t want to walk into the room and take over the space with your scent. You can limit it to a single or just a few sprays depending on the fragrance.

4. Applying in the Wrong Spot

Whether you’re going with a fiery fragrance like the Lion Versatile Red Flame or have a dainty perfume like Paris for Women, you need to apply it correctly. An incorrect application can leave you smelling like a fragrance bomb - and once again, that is not the end goal.

For men and women, the application is relatively the same. You want to focus on the wrists, the back of the neck, and somewhere in the chest or stomach region. Remember that a few sprays are all it takes to succeed in this department.

5.Using Fragrance Over Clothing

Fragrances are best used when applied directly to a naked and clean body. That’s right - don’t leave your perfume or cologne to the final step of your outfit. Instead, spray some onto your body after drying off with a towel. This will allow the smell to adhere to your body and create a delightful scent.

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Needless to say, there is a right and wrong way to apply perfume and cologne. Regardless, we have an impressive wholesale cologne and perfume selection that your customers will surely enjoy - and now they can understand exactly how to wear it to reap the benefits of these incredible scents. For further information or to peruse our online wholesale store please visit www.ApparelCandy.com or for inquiries contact Apparel Candy at (877) 870 – 8686.

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