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When you think about must-have accessories to add to your shop, you think of the basics - necklaces, bracelets, and sunglasses. But if you’re only offering sunglasses for adults, you’re really missing out on an entire audience - kids!

Kids need sunglasses just as much as adults do. And let’s face it; parents love buying lovely shades for their kiddos. Imagine making two sales at once. Who wouldn’t want that?

If you’re considering adding kid sunglasses to your inventory lineup, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Apparel Candy, we offer a wide selection of fun and cute kids' wholesale sunglasses that are sure to fly off the shelves!

Here are our top five wholesale sunglasses that need to be scooped up ASAP!

1. Sparkly Sunglasses

What little girl doesn’t love sparkles? If you want to cater to at least 60% of the girly population, you should add these adorable sparkly sunglasses to your shop. They come in black, white, yellow, pink, and purple, so every princess can find a color they love.

2. Crown Shades

If a little girl isn’t interested in sparkles, she’s definitely interested in wearing a crown. But who said crowns had to be worn on top of the head? With these darling crown shades, girls can sport a pair with a charming, star-studded crown on top. These shades come in purple, pink, and blue to cater to everyone!

3. Sporty Shades

For the sporty boys out there, there is no better option than our sporty shades. This cool collection features a pair of sunglasses with baseballs, soccer balls, or basketballs, so kiddos can find their favorite sport while shopping. Kids are bound to love these!

4. Kid Aviators

Aviators aren’t just for adults. Plenty of children love the style - especially the older ones. That said, you’d be doing yourself a significant disservice by leaving these kid aviators in the dust. Line your shelves with these stellar shades, and you’ll make a sale (or two, three, or one hundred!).

5. Colorful Shades

Last but not least, we decided to add our colorful shades to the lineup. That’s because these shades are relatively “simple” but come in a fun color for every child to enjoy. Whether it’s a pink-loving gal, a little boy that loves blue, or they’re somewhere in the middle, every kid will find a pair of bright sunglasses they adore.

Invest in The Kiddos Today!

If you want to boost sales this year, consider adding some of our top-notch children’s wholesale sunglasses to your shelves. Opt for sparkles, aviators, sporty, or colorful shades for every child to find exactly what they want. For further information or to peruse and shop our wholesale sunglasses collections please visit

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