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Apparel Candy Drop Ship Program

Drop Ship Single Pieces or Packs, we cater to businesses of ALL sizes

No Fees, No Handling charges, No nonsense, Just Pure Profits

How our drop ship program works.

Our Drop Ship program is specifically targeted to generate profit for you, the wholesale clothing resellers. Regardless of what type of business operation you are running, whether it is a boutique store, home based business or an Internet e-commerce store, Apparel Candy's drop ship program will definitely bring high profit revenues. Being a wholesale clothing drop shipper , Apparel Candy offers to your customers the latest and newest fashion trends available in the marketplace. Even if you're looking to buy for yourself, or drop ship clothing to your customers, we do it all.

Drop Ship a great way for resellers to generate and earn income without the overhead costs of warehousing, employees, inventory, and other business necessities.The process of drop shipping very simple, the owner of a business (you) has goods shipped directly from their own wholesaler (Apparel Candy) to their customers (your customers). Drop shipping has became a hot market in recent years. Many online sites today use drop shipping services due to the ease of operation and minimal overhead costs.

For example, lets say you start a website selling our products and market it to your customers. One day your customer Stacey places an order of several dresses off your site and pays you with a credit card. You then log into Apparel Candy, place the exact order your customer placed, pay for the order and Apparel Candy then drop ships the order to Stacey with your return address and information on the box. There is no way of Stacey knowing the dresses came from Apparel Candy.

How to get started drop shipping.

First we suggest putting up our items on your website, online auctions such as eBay, maybe even sites like, Yahoo! Shopping, or wherever you feel is the right fit for in and generates income.

Once you have your online shop set and ready to operate, it's time to market the site and generate sales. When you start receiving sales, you will collect customer's information and funds (including shipping and handling fees if you choose to). Common methods of online payments include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and PayPal. You can also choose to accept checks and money orders, that is totally up to you.

How to process drop ship order through Apparel Candy.

Log onto and browse for the items your customer has purchased. Once you are finished finding and placing the items in your shopping card, proceed to checkout. If you don't already have an account with us, sign up for an account (free of charge) and simply fill out the Billing (your information) and Shipping (your customers information) sections and proceed to pay for the order (make sure the billing address is the same as your credit cards).

Once the order has been successfully submitted, please send an email to to inform us that your order is to be drop shipped, and attach any invoices you would like us to send along with your order. All drop ship orders will have no mention of Apparel Candy. Please make sure you email us promptly after the order is placed, because we do tend to process orders right away.

Use of Apparel Candy pictures and information. Apparel Candy is more than glad to help our customers build up their businesses by allowing the FREE use of our pictures and information. If you have any questions about our dropship program, please email us at

Shipping Charges

We charge a flat $4.95 shipping fee on all single piece drop ship items. If you're buying by packs (wholesale), a $9.95 flat rate will be charged. These shipping charges are valid for shipments within the continental U.S. Shipping fees are all others are based on the weight of the items.